Gun Confiscation In America


Americans should never give up their arms. The untold story of
gun confiscation after Katrina. ~ Videos

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Police Allowed To Kidnap Gun Owners With No Warrant... WI Court


The ongoing saga revolving around pro-gun activist Krysta Sutterfield could be seen as a troubling portent for all Second Amendment supporters. The Milwaukee, Wis. resident made some local news prior to this incident for toting a handgun to church and carrying outside a nearby coffee shop. ~ B Christopher Agee

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Wilder Publications Puts Warning Lable on Copies of U.S. Constitution!


Reading the U. S. Constitution has been deemed dangerous and should not be read to children without adult supervision. Wilder Publications is putting a warning label on copies of the U.S. Constitution. The warning reads...

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Becareful What You Say... 'Michelle' Obama Urges Students to Spy and Tattle on Family and Friends!


On Friday during the graduation ceremony in Topeka, Kansas, the first lady Michelle Obama has urged school graduates to monitor their family and friends for any racial comments and remarks and report on them. ~ Olga Zamanskaya

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Cash is Out, Bartering is King!


It’s yard sale season now! It’s a great place and time to practice bartering skills and pick up cheap but valuable items. Part of my preps are acquiring items the majority of folks take for granted but will have huge value in an economic collapse situation. ~ Tess Pennington

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Winning A Credit Card Lawsuit... Which Is It?... To Dismiss With Prejudice or Without Prejudice?


When filing a Motion to Dismiss against a collection agency regarding them not complying with a court rule, remember this...

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The Dark Family Tree of Hillary Clinton


We all know the old saying: “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.” I hope we all know its meaning; that despite our best efforts and intentions, most of us grow up to morph into our parents. We develop similar habits, similar traits.

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Signs of Life on Mars?... NASA Doesn’t Want to Discuss It


UFO Sightings Daily revealed yesterday that the NASA Spirit Rover took a sequence of five images over an approximate seven day period that showed what appears to be an animal near a distinctive set of rocks. ~ Dr. Michael Salla - Related articles - Videos 

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What's Going On?... Is That a Fire at Fukushima???


We are by no means experts at identifying instances of fire caught on camera under low illumination conditions, but the following compressed 3 minute video shows what does appear to be fire. ~ Video

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WD-40... What Is It And What Can It Do?


The product began from a search for a rust preventative solvent and degreaser to protect missile parts. WD-40 was created in 1953, by three technicians at the San Diego Rocket Chemical Company.

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State by State... 2014 House Primaries Results


All election results live as they come in.

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'NSA Used FURBIES for Domestic Spying'!... Edward Snowden


Thousands of families across the United States could be potential victims of NSA domestic spying!!! The cuddly little figures known to most Americans as Furbies are accused of being used by NSA for domestic spying of Americans. ~ Video

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The Era Of Chimeras... Scientists Fearlessly Creating Bizarre Human/Animal Hybrids Every Single Day!


Did you know that scientists are creating cow/human hybrids, pig/human hybrids and even mouse/human hybrids? This is happening every single day in labs all over the western world, but most people have never even heard about it.
~ Michael Snyder

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Did You Know... Commercial Airlines Are Spraying Chemtrails?


Several years ago after I became convinced that there is a chemtrail spraying agenda, I decided that I would not fly again, even though I would like to visit some far off places since, basically, I'm retired. ~ Catherine J. Frompovich - Videos

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Executive Branch Bypasses Congress to Slap Financial Sanctions on… LEGAL GUN DEALERS!


The Justice Department is playing coy. They deny that they are unilaterally destroying legal businesses based on their sense of morality and their ability to do so. But they are plainly taking actions designed to pressure people into
going out of business. Mark Horne

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The Gestapo Police... Federalizing Civilian Workforces of the USSA


Obama announced that he was going to create an American Armed Force that would be even larger than America's current standing military force. He claimed at the time that America would need this force to combat the threats inside this nation from what he called at the time: "The Enemy Within." ~ Jim Kirwan

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'Hillary Clinton is Responsible for Benghazi Attack'... Dick Cheney


Cheney's remarks are extraordinary considering the role he played in the invasion and occupation of Iraq which ultimately led to the death of over a million Iraqis.
~ Kurt Nimmo

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Banana Industry Threatened by Fungal Disease


The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization has warned banana growers that a fungal disease is spreading through crops from Asia to Africa and the Middle East. The UN agency says the disease has the potential to spread to Latin American crops. ~ Dmitry Vostok

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Sears... Burning Cash, Closing Stores


Sears has been on a downward spiral almost since the day it merged with Kmart in 2005... that plunge seems to be picking up speed. It has quietly closed nearly 100 U.S. stores in the last year. Next week, it's expected to announce dismal fiscal first quarter results and possibly yet more store closings. ~ Chris Isadore

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Amazing!... 17 Of The Most Beautiful Dreamlike Houses On Earth


These 17 mystical cottages aren't images from some childhood fairytale – they're actual structures that exist somewhere in the world. The cold, boring and concrete lines of modern architecture are definitely not for these architects – their homes are full of organic and unusual forms. ~ Amazing Photos

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Did You Know... 80% of Americans Are Infected With A Common Parasite That Causes Death, and Are Completely Unaware?


Do you have unexplained symptoms that gradually get worse over time? Have you gone to your doctor with no answers, and no results, only to return home feeling defeated and hopeless? Have you been accused of being a hypochondriac, even though you know your symptoms are very real? ~ Lyn Leahz - Videos

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Memories of a Previous Life... 3 Year Old Remembers Who Murdered Him With an Axe and Where His Body Was Buried


A 3-year-old boy in the Golan Heights region near the border of Syria and Israel said he was murdered with an axe in his previous life. He showed village elders where the murderer buried his body, and sure enough they found a man's skeleton there. He also showed the elders where the murder weapon was found, and upon digging, they did indeed find an axe there.

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Man Attempts To Hug a Wild Lion... See What Happens Next!


Kevin Richardson is a South African zookeeper renowned for being so intimate with lions that he has been accepted into several prides.
You won't believe your eyes! ~ Video

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Death Row Inmate Wants His Lethal Injection Execution Videotaped


A death-row inmate scheduled to be put to death Wednesday in Missouri wants his execution to be videotaped so there is evidence it flouts the US Constitution.

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Secret America... States Hide Source of Their Lethal Injection Drugs


At least 13 states have recently hidden the supply of their lethal drugs behind new secrecy rules, preventing the American people from knowing how prisoners are killed in their name.

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