Birds of a Feather Flock Together... Potential Obama VP Is Pro-War, Pro-Patriot Act Neo-Con!


The potential 'final' nail in the United States coffin! ~ S.I.A

The man who many are tipping to become Barack Obama's running mate is a pro-war, pro-patriot act, Bilderberg member who was an honorary co-chair of the neocon Committee for the Liberation of Iraq, a group that aggressively propagandized for the invasion of Iraq in 2003. Ladies and gentlemen - meet Senator Evan Bayh.

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Russia's Return Bites the Neocons' Grand Energy Scheme in the Ass

The feeble American response to Russia's assertion of power in the Caucasus of Central Asia was appropriate, since our claims of influence in that part of the world are laughable. The US had taken advantage of temporary confusion in Russia, during the ten-year-long post-Soviet-collapse interval, and set up a client government in Georgia, complete with military advisors, sales of weapons, and even the promise of club membership in the western alliance known as NATO.

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Declaring Babies Dead for Organ Harvesting

A procedure called "donation after cardiac death" is being allowed and encouraged by the federal government, organ banks, and medical doctors as a way to increase organ donations. This protocol used now more commonly for infant heart transplants is frighteningly immoral and sets to redefine death declarations.

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Vaccines Found to Cause Diabetes in Children

Two new studies showing that vaccines increase the risk of diabetes have been published in the Open Pediatric Medicine Journal.

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Obama Replaces Dwight D. Eisenhower's Name With His Own!

The World-renowned Brown Palace Hotel in Denver, Colorado has changed the décor of room number 825 by removing the pictures of (an actual) President Dwight D. Eisenhower!

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Scientist Predicts Ice Age Within 10 Years

weather-new ice age

As evidence builds of the earth entering a dramatic cooling trend, another scientist has gone public with his conviction that we are about to enter a new ice age, rendering warnings about global warming fraudulent and irrelevant. ~ Paul Joseph Watson

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Pay-As-You-Drive Insurance Comes to Brookings

Many of the ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions will require major changes in behavior and/or impose serious costs. However, there is one mechanism that could lead to substantial reductions in emission with no cost: pay-as-you-drive auto insurance.

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The Revolution That Changed Us Forever

"I want to see the plan. That is what I used to say to Abbie Hoffman and Jerry Rubin. Count me out if it is for violence. Don't expect me to be on the barricades unless it is with flowers."  ~ John Lennon

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Obama... "I WILL Win"

’’ reports on yet more disturbing words out of the mouth of President [Presumpt] Barrack Obama. ~ William R. Mann

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Obama’s Communist Cover-up Continues

In a surprising admission that could become a major scandal in the presidential race, Barack Obama’s 40-page so-called “rebuttal” to Jerome Corsi’s book, The Obama Nation, acknowledges for the first time that the senator once had a personal relationship with identified Communist Party USA (CPUSA) member Frank Marshall Davis, a key high-level operative in a Soviet-sponsored network in Hawaii.

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No More Babies Allowed in BC Jails


It’s so sad. Corrections BC announced last week that the 4- year-old program that allowed women inmates to have their newborns with them while they did their time was being cancelled. Although federal institutions allow mothers to keep their babies in jail with them, British California was the only province that had a similar program.

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Fluoride Lowers IQ, Studies Show

Dr. Vyvyan Howard, a prominent fetal toxicologist said in a recent  Canadian TV interview that current brain/fluoride research convinces him that we should stop water fluoridation.  

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"Rove is Orchestrating a Fix For the 2008 Election"!

Democratic Party leaders, fearful of the size and scope of voting machine fraud, have chosen to turn their heads at their and our risk. With public awareness and outcry that this is not yesterday's issue, Ohio attorneys Cliff Arnebeck and Bob Fitrakis can shine the light on Rove's machinations to steal the upcoming election, if it is a close one.

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From American Gold to the Gold Medals... Chinese Summer Olympics Paid for by US!!!

The majesty, creativity and uniqueness of the Summer Olympics in China cannot be denied. It is an entertainment spectacle that will long be remembered and used as the gold standard that other nations will find difficult to match. Some people praise the Chinese for the gift they have given the world. But the economics of these Olympics merit more serious examination. Americans have paid for the massive, multi-billion dollar spending to create the Olympics venues in China.

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New Planet Found

Astronomers announced today that a new "minor planet" with an unusual orbit has been found just two billion miles from Earth, closer than Neptune. Using the Sloan Digital Sky Survey, astronomers detected a small, comet-like object called 2006 SQ372, which is likely made of rock and ice.

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US Worried Russia-Georgia Conflict Could Hurt U.S. Space Program

The U.S. government must now decide whether it will overlook Russia's skirmishes with Georgia.  Even though Russia and Georgia have officially signed a cease-fire agreement, the volatile situation between the two nations could jeopardize whether or not NASA astronauts fly to the International Space Station aboard Russian spacecraft in the future, U.S. officials warn.

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United Nations Parliamentary Assembly One World Government in Disguise

Here comes the first draft of One World Government...  A UN-styled One World Government has just taken a great leap forward. “Little more than a year after its launch, an international campaign to bring democracy to the United Nations has achieved a landmark,” says a June 30 media release from Ottawa.

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US Plans To Punish Russia... Yeah, Right!

Well, predicting Bush Stupidity is about as difficult as checking to see if the Sun rises each morning. Yep, daytime...the Sun is still up, Bush is still stupid, and still a punk-ass little shit of a president who needs the shit kicked out of him. ~ Karl Schwartz

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Pakistan's Musharraf Resigns


Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf has announced his resignation in a televised address to the nation.  The embattled President said he had decided to step down to avoid impeachment.

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Canadian Teen Finds MSG Slows Brain Cell Growth

A Calgary researcher is getting ready to publish a groundbreaking study that links a popular food additive to reduced growth in the brain cells of snails -- work that could have major implications for children's health.

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Brave Old World...

Russia invades Georgia. China jails dissidents. China and India pollute at levels previously unimaginable. Gulf monarchies make trillions from jacked-up oil prices. Islamic terrorists keep car bombing. Meanwhile, Europe offers moral lectures, while Japan and South Korea shrug and watch... all in a globalized world that tunes into the Olympics each night from Beijing...

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Coming Soon... Pay-As-You-Go Road Tax

Pay-as-you-drive road taxes moved a step closer last night after the Government confirmed it was launching the first ever trials of the scheme.  As part of several pilots taking place across parts of Britain, cars will be fitted with black boxes on their dashboard which can be tracked by satellites allowing their exact movements to be monitored.

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The 'Undesirables' China Doesn't Want you to See Are Rounded Up Into Torture Camps

The bleak concrete walls topped with razor wire and the sentries in towers at the gates are a chilling reminder of a different era. On the nearby roads, heavily armed guards patrol relentlessly, checking both drivers and pedestrians, constantly alert.

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U.S. Taxpayer to Pay for Georgia’s Wrecked Economy

The United States is exploring ways to assist Georgia's economy including how global financial institutions can help limit economic damage caused by the conflict with Russia, a senior U.S. Treasury official said Friday.

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Obama's Rising Sun... What Does it Mean?



"The direct descent of the essential program of the Esoteric Schools was entrusted to groups already well-conditioned for the work. The guilds, trade unions, and similar protective and benevolent Societies had been internally strengthened by the introduction of a new learning.

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