Who Needs NATO?

Why is the United States still a member of NATO, an alliance that initially was intended to exist for twenty years, but whose life and mission have been expanding now for nearly sixty years? Since the Soviet Union collapsed in the 1990s and the Cold War is over, why does the U.S. or Europe need NATO?  

Submitted by SadInAmerica on Thu, 07/24/2008 - 7:56am.

The Man Who Could Topple Jack Murtha

A jaw-dropping political miracle may be on the horizon. No, I’m not talking about the second coming of the Obamessiah. I’m talking about the long-deserved comeuppance of troop-smearing, pork-feasting, scandal-tainted Democratic Rep. Jack Murtha of Pennsylvania.  

Submitted by SadInAmerica on Thu, 07/24/2008 - 7:47am.

U.S. Rushes to Change Workplace Toxin Rules

Political appointees at the Department of Labor are moving with unusual speed to push through in the final months of the Bush administration a rule making it tougher to regulate workers' on-the-job exposure to chemicals and toxins.

Submitted by SadInAmerica on Thu, 07/24/2008 - 7:23am.

Bayer Manufactured Pesticide Causing Bee Deaths!

The great mystery of bee deaths has been solved. Colony Collapse Disorder is poisoning with a known insect neurotoxin. Clothianidin, a pesticide manufactured by Bayer, has been clearly linked to die offs in Germany and France.

Submitted by SadInAmerica on Thu, 07/24/2008 - 12:06am.

Why Microwave Auditory Effect Crowd-Control Gun Won't Work


New Scientist magazine recently reported that Sierra Nevada Corp., based in Sparks, Nevada, plans to build what it calls a nonlethal microwave ray gun with the ability to beam irritating sounds into people’s heads. But experts in the underlying biophysics say it cannot work: the device would kill you well before you were bothered by the noise.

Submitted by SadInAmerica on Wed, 07/23/2008 - 10:37pm.

Torture As Official US Policy

Post-9/11, torture has been official US policy under George Bush - authorized at the highest levels of government. Evidence of its systematic practice continues to surface. First some background.

Submitted by SadInAmerica on Wed, 07/23/2008 - 7:00pm.

Mass Arrests as Beijing Prepares for Olympics

At least two petitioners are thought to have died as Beijing authorities intensify their campaign to “clean up” the capital for the Olympics, with busloads of people taken away each evening.  Petitioners contacted by telephone told The Epoch Times that on the evening of July 13, five busloads of people were seized and taken away, with another busload taken the following evening.

Submitted by SadInAmerica on Wed, 07/23/2008 - 5:01pm.

July 25th House Judiciary Committee to Hear Kucinich Impeachment Resolution

On Friday, Dennis Kucinich will take his impeachment resolution against Bush to the House Judiciary Committee. Kucinich argues that Bush has violated his oath of office, violated U.S. and international law, has trashed the Constitution, and poses a serious threat to the nation. ~ VIDEO

Submitted by SadInAmerica on Wed, 07/23/2008 - 4:51pm.

Ron Paul Gets Hearing On Oil Prices And Falling Dollar - July 24th

Last month Congressman Ron Paul, ranking member of the Subcommittee on Domestic and International Monetary Policy called for a hearing on the relationship between the falling value of the dollar and the recent rise of oil prices, noting...

Submitted by SadInAmerica on Wed, 07/23/2008 - 4:26pm.

'DEFY THE RULE OF LAW'... Mukasey to Congress


Along with other past and present administration officials, Attorney General Michael Mukasey supports lawlessness and police state justice. Weeks after the Supreme Court's landmark (June 12) Boumediene ruling, he addressed the conservative, pro-war American Enterprise Institute (on July 21) and asked Congress to overrule the High Court - for the third time. His proposal:

Submitted by SadInAmerica on Wed, 07/23/2008 - 11:52am.

"The U.S. Doesn't Torture"... Take a look, YOU'RE PAYING FOR THIS!

An unknown detainee held by the U.S.... Warning! Graphic! ~ TALKING BACK - VIDEO

Submitted by SadInAmerica on Wed, 07/23/2008 - 11:32am.

Plane Carrying Ron Paul, Makes Emergency Landing!

A plane carrying Texas Rep. Ron Paul and six other members of Congress was forced to make an emergency landing Tuesday due to mechanical issues.

Submitted by SadInAmerica on Wed, 07/23/2008 - 10:19am.

Home Office List (in full) of 1,000 Plus Big Brother Laws!

The full extent of the Big Brother state's 'powers of entry' is revealed in a file of documents newly posted on a Home Office website - locked to prevent copying or printing without a secret password.

Submitted by SadInAmerica on Wed, 07/23/2008 - 12:58am.

Secret Plan for Iraq Revealed

A secret deal being negotiated in Baghdad would perpetuate the American military occupation of Iraq indefinitely, regardless of the outcome of the US presidential election in November.

Submitted by SadInAmerica on Tue, 07/22/2008 - 10:53pm.


Wake up, America!... On July 15, the Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit ruled by 5 votes to 4 in the case of Al-Marri v. Pucciarelli (PDF) that the president can arrest US citizens and legal residents inside the United States and imprison them indefinitely, without charge or trial, based solely on his assertion that they are "enemy combatants." Have a little think about it, and you'll see that the Fourth Circuit judges have just endorsed dictatorial powers.

Submitted by SadInAmerica on Tue, 07/22/2008 - 10:40pm.

Faith-Based Currency ~ Ron Paul

The Latin term “fiat” roughly translates to “there shall be”.  When we refer to fiat money, we are referring to money that exists because the government declares it into existence.  It is not based on production or earnings, and not backed by any commodity.  It is solely based on trusting the government.  Fiat money is exchanged in the economy as long as there is faith in the government that issues it.  ~ Ron Paul

Submitted by SadInAmerica on Tue, 07/22/2008 - 9:03pm.

Death of Free Internet is Imminent

In the last 15 years or so, as a society we have had access to more information than ever before in modern history because of the Internet. There are approximately 1 billion Internet users in the world B and any one of these users can theoretically communicate in real time with any other on the planet. The Internet has been the greatest technological achievement of the 20th century by far, and has been recognized as such by the global community.

Submitted by SadInAmerica on Tue, 07/22/2008 - 4:19pm.


My column on the FDA produced more than 2500 emails this past week; the master list of diseases is now updated. The issue of a nation self medicating on dangerous drugs approved by the FDA really struck a chord. In that column, I pointed out two major factors why Americans are so apathetic and stumbling through life without a clue: fluoride and aspartame. ~ Devvy Kidd

Submitted by SadInAmerica on Tue, 07/22/2008 - 12:55pm.

Buyers Beware... Retailers Have Many Ways to Trick You!

Several studies reveal how Americans shop in irrational ways, and increasingly scientists are figuring out how easily we can be duped. Retailers in turn use these tricks to get inside our heads, encouraging window shoppers to become real shoppers, driving purchases of sales items regardless of real value, and helping buyers feel good about the things they walk out with ... often for no good reason.

Submitted by SadInAmerica on Tue, 07/22/2008 - 11:55am.

Under Obama, New York Tax Rates Would Top Eye Popping 50%!

New York tax filers reporting more than $375,000 a year in earned income may end up paying nearly 60% of their wages in taxes to the government under a Barack Obama presidency, economists who have analyzed his plan said.

Submitted by SadInAmerica on Tue, 07/22/2008 - 10:23am.

Dubai... 1990 to 2008


Dubai in 1990

Was this city built on rock n' roll?  Or... U.S. tax dollars?

Submitted by SadInAmerica on Tue, 07/22/2008 - 9:28am.

What is Obama's Advisors Advising?

Maybe someone can explain how the public and Government would be criminalizing public service by prosecuting criminals who have blatantly used their offices to prosecute, persecute, and murder millions of people in the world against the will of the people who pay their salaries and put them in office?

Submitted by SadInAmerica on Mon, 07/21/2008 - 10:36pm.

U.S. Food Companies Are Planning Huge Price Increase!

US food companies are preparing another round of hefty price increases as soaring commodity costs force them to pass on rises to consumers.

Submitted by SadInAmerica on Mon, 07/21/2008 - 5:23pm.

Pennsylvania... REAL ID A Huge Threat to Gun Rights!



Homeland Security claims far reaching power over your guns! Harrisburg, PA - Pennsylvania gun owners breathed a sigh of relief at the Heller vs. DC Supreme Court ruling, but the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania (LPPa) warns that major threats to gun rights still exist. One such threat is REAL ID, the federal mandate turning driver’s licenses into national ID cards.

Submitted by SadInAmerica on Mon, 07/21/2008 - 4:16pm.

Bob Barr Backs Gore’s 10-Year Energy Challenge

Libertarian presidential candidate Bob Barr praised Al Gore, who challenged the United States Thursday to run on 100 percent zero-carbon electricity within 10 years.  

Submitted by SadInAmerica on Mon, 07/21/2008 - 3:42pm.
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