Black Widow... Obama's Thought Police

Barack Obama will be in charge of the biggest domestic and international spying operation in history. Its prime engine is the National Security Agency (NSA)—located and guarded at Fort Meade, Maryland, about 10 miles northeast of Washington, D.C. A brief glimpse of its ever-expanding capacity was provided on October 26 by The Baltimore Sun's national security correspondent, David Wood...

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Obama's Surgeon General... CNN's Chief Medical Correspondent, and CFR Member... Sanjay Gupta!

President-elect Barack Obama has approached CNN's chief medical correspondent, Sanjay Gupta, to be the country's next surgeon general, the cable news network said Tuesday. CNN said it has kept Gupta from reporting on health care policy and other matters involving the incoming Obama administration since learning he was under consideration for the post.

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Why is Bush Using Federal Funds to Install a Gate at New Dallas Home???


The Dallas Morning News reports that President Bush is planning to install a gate limiting public access to his house -- on a public street. Federal money would be used to pay for the gate!

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The month of January, 2009, brings a serious constitutional crisis to the American Republic, but the major news media have been completely silent about what is about to happen. Instead, the controlled news media have been feeding the American public with an overwhelming barrage of shallow, "made-up news" concerning what future wonders President-elect Obama will almost magically perform to bring our country out of the economic debacle that occurred during the administration of George W. Bush. ~ Tom Rose

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Bush’s Last War Crime... The Israeli Invasion of Gaza

George Bush's rubber stamp alliance with Israeli military savagery against Gaza adds to the list of criminal-level disasters he has involved the United States during his eight-year regime. Will Barack Obama be a peacemaker? ~ Robert Dreyfuss

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Bones of Indian Children Found in Overgrown School Playgrounds Across Canada... Genocide?

Article temporarily removed by request of author pending updated information.

Thank you for your interest.

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Devastating... GLOBAL POVERTY ACT Senate Bill 2433 Will Strip America Of ALL Sovereignty and Dignity.

Conservative strategist Michael Baker said... "While Champagne glasses clink and bubbly is flowing, a secret Bill is hiding in the background ready to spring to life. The Obama/Biden honeymoon will be the prefect time to launch this lurking monster. They are hoping not a soul will notice." ~ Jim Kouri

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Damaging Silence... Obama On Gaza... "No Comment"

Barack Obama's chances of making a fresh start in US relations with the Muslim world, and the Middle East in particular, appear to diminish with each new wave of Israeli attacks on Palestinian targets in Gaza. That seems hardly fair, given the president-elect does not take office until January 20. But foreign wars don't wait for Washington inaugurations.

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War Criminal Kissinger Calls for Obama to Use Gaza Slaughter as a Means to Usher in a New World Order!

Renowned war criminal and global elite minion Henry Kissinger discusses Gaza and publicly calls for Obama to create a New World Order out of current state of global affairs. ~ Kurt Nimmo ~ VIDEO

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No Immigration Amnesty In 2009

"It should be noted the LA Times is a publication dependent on corporate advertising. The big beneficiaries of the recently proposed legislation are employers that get a de facto amnesty. There are now over $250 billion in uncollected employer fines for immigration violations." (Remember crime pays!) ~ Frosty Wooldridge

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Huge CORPORATE Tax Cuts Included in Obama's Stimulus Plan!

For weeks, spokesmen for the incoming Barack Obama administration have suggested that they would respond to the economic crisis by launching a massive program of public spending, with some supporters comparing the scope of the planned economic stimulus package to Roosevelt's New Deal measures during the Great Depression.

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To Safeguard 'National Security' Britain 'Must Set Population Limit'!... What?

Britain must set a maximum population level if it is to avoid destroying the environment and putting national security at risk, say experts.  The Optimum Population Trust has written to ministers calling for a policy of 'zero net migration' - matching numbers allowed into Britain each year to numbers leaving.

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No Experience in the Intelligence World Yet Obama Chooses Leon Panetta to Head CIA!... Uh Huh...

Bill Clinton's former chief of staff has been tapped to head the CIA in President-elect Barack Obama's administration, FOX News has learned. Two Democratic sources close to the transition process said Monday that Leon Panetta, who also previously led the White House Office of Management and Budget, is Obama's pick to replace Michael Hayden at the CIA.  

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Legacy of Deception... Worst Vice President in US History

In the end, the shame of Vice President Dick Cheney was total: unmitigated by any notion of a graceful departure, let alone the slightest obligation of honest accounting. Although firmly ensconced, even in the popular imagination, as an example of evil incarnate--nearly a quarter of those polled in this week's CNN poll rated him the worst vice president in US history, and 41 percent as "poor"--Cheney exudes the confidence of one fully convinced that he will get away with it all.

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Obama Remains Silent On Israel... Very Strange...

If you look a few months back to when Obama was speaking at AIPAC, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, you’ll find your reasons why he is silent on the current Gaza situation. As of right now, the Israeli government is invading and pillaging Gaza and not a word from Obama.

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Obama's Key Economic Adviser Was Paid Tens of Millions by Bailed-Out Citigroup!!!

Robert Rubin, a key economic advisor to President-elect Barack Obama who served as Treasury secretary in the Clinton Administration, has been one of the highest paid executives at the now twice bailed-out financial giant Citigroup.

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Only 17% of 8th Graders Can Read at Grade Level! Schools Overseen by Obama's Education Secretary-Designee!

In 2007, only 17 percent of eighth graders tested at or above grade level in reading in Chicago Public Schools – the school system administered by Arne Duncan since 2001.  President-elect Barack Obama on Tuesday (December 16th) tapped Duncan to become secretary of education in the upcoming administration.

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Schools Led by Obama's Education Secretary Designee Failed No-Child-Left-Behind Standard for Five Years!

The Chicago Public Schools, whose superintendent, Arne Duncan, has been tapped by President-elect Barack Obama to be the next education secretary, failed to meet the Illinois state standards set under the No Child Left Behind Act for the last five years.

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Global Implications of Food Contaminated With Melamine

Food contamination, whether accidental or intentional, has been a sad, recurrent theme throughout recorded history, going back some 8000 years and described in the Old Testament. However, a new dimension has been added in this new millennium: globalization and international agribusiness allow problems with the food supply to spread around the planet all too quickly. ~ Julie R. Ingelfinger, M.D.

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‘Chemical Castration’... Sex Offenders Volunteer for Drug Treatment

Sex offenders are being given drugs which lower their libido and make it difficult for them to reoffend, in a voluntary scheme introduced by Jack Straw, the Justice Secretary.  So far 11 men have put themselves forward for the pioneering project, according to the Ministry of Justice.

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Virginia Refusing Real ID Mandate... Introducing Bill to Declare Intention of Opposing Enforcement

Some legislators want Virginia to join the growing chorus of states that have defied the federal government by refusing to participate in a national identification program billed as a way to fight terrorism and identity theft.

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Bush Cronies Out Obama Cronies Coming In

Barack Obama is back in Chicago after a 12-day holiday in Hawaii. But not for long. On Monday he begins his new life in Washington, temporarily housed in the Hay-Adams hotel until the White House becomes available on 20 January.

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TV and Video Games Causes Speech Problems For Toddlers



Toddlers could be screened for speech problems after evidence that many are so addicted to television and video games that they are failing to learn basic communication skills.

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The Weathermen and Barack Obama

Since just before the election of Barack Obama in November, it has been interesting and quite shocking that a forty-year old, seemingly forgotten radical group called “Weatherman” is getting so much attention. Of course, Obama denies any connection to old Weathermen. Here’s a quick history of the “Weathermen” and why it’s relevant to a new president calling for an undefined “change.”  ~ Tom DeWeese

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Why it Makes No Sense to Give the Hepatitis B Vaccine to Newborns

In the United States, the hepatitis B vaccine is recommended for all newborns before they are discharged from the hospital. These recommendations are inexcusable.  It finally seems that the drug companies will be held responsible for the consequences of giving this dangerous vaccine to infants. ~ Dr. Mercola

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