DUMBED DOWN PUBLIC... People Think Monsanto Is A Carpet Company!

Anthony Gucciardi

Most people have no idea what Monsanto is. In fact, some people think it’s a carpet cleaning company! ~ Anthony Gucciardi - Video

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Proof... Declassified Document Proves US Created ISIS

America Created Al-Qaeda and the ISIS

Ever since ISIS began its bloody rampage across the Middle East, many of us have been suspicious of their origins. The West seemed perfectly willing to support the rebellion against Russian backed Assad, but as soon as those supposedly “moderate” rebels formed ISIS, they turned against them (according to the media at least). ~ Joshua Krause - Document link

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Russia Reveals 9/11 Satellite Imagery Evidence Indicating USA Gov’t Complicity In False Flag Attack


This press release is perhaps the single most explosive revelation ever covered by State of the Nation. There is no story bigger than 9/11 as far as the U.S. Federal Government is concerned. It is and has been their lynchpin.

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Sowing the GMO Seeds of Depopulation?

Monsanto-Sowing the GMO Seeds

If physical violence is to be used only as a final resort, a dominant class must seek to gain people’s consent if it is to govern and control a population.
~ Colin Todhunter

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David Rockefeller’s SIXTH Heart Transplant at Age 99!

David Rockefeller-99 yrs old

Billionaire philanthropist David Rockefeller has successfully undergone his sixth heart transplant in 38 years at the venerable age of 99 years old. ~ Bob Flanagan ~ Must See Related Articles

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Memorial Day Dishonor And Disgrace


General Smedley Butler was right. War is a racket – based on Big Lies, waged for wealth, power and dominance. Wars have nothing to do with upholding democratic values, humanitarian intervention or fighting for peace, stability and security. ~ Stephen Lendman

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“Every Single Terrorist Attack In US Was A False Flag Attack”... Says US Intelligence Officer

Max kaiser-David Steele

Max Keiser interviews the latest whistleblower David Steele, a 20-year Marine Corps intelligence officer, and the second-highest-ranking civilian in the U.S. Marine Corps Intelligence. ~ Arjun Walla - Video

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EMF Mind Control Weapons Being Used On Population

EMF Mind Control Weapons

Deborah Tavares reveals how EMF/EM microwave weapons are currently being used on the American people. You soon will see average people acting out with unnatural emotions caused by the use of these frequency weapons. The federal and states governments are corporations who no longer serve the people.
~ This is a MUST HEAR Audio!

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United Nations Purchased Most National Parks and Now Targeting Major Cities in the USA!... Why?


Over the years, the United Nations has gradually purchased most of our precious National parks in the United States of America, and now they are working on buying all major U.S. cities. But why? What is the bigger picture?
What is coming to America? ~ Truther - Videos

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What Is Wrong With This Picture?... There Are 18.5 Million Vacant Homes In The U.S. ... Yet 3.5 Million People Are Homeless!


Lodging is a fundamental human need and a principal human right. Yet consistently in the United States, banks are abandoning more than 10,000 home loans and requesting removals of people and families living in abandoned homes. The U.S. government’s ventures to deliver the abandonment emergency to date have been fractional, best case scenario.

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49 Million Gallons of Water Pours into San Francisco Bay After 'Vandals' Destroy Inflatable Dam

dam on Alameda Creek,Calif damaged

Fremont police say vandals attacked an inflatable dam on Alameda Creek that resulted in the loss of nearly 50 million gallons of water.

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House Bill 15-1290... Legislation Passes House that Fines Cops $15,000 for Interfering with Citizens who Film Them


A recently proposed bill in Colorado imposing legal penalties on police officers who interfere with citizens filming them could soon become law. The state’s House Of Representatives passed the bill this week, and it will now move on to vote in the Senate. ~ John Vibes

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Vaccines Will be Made from Human Cancer Tumors!!!

Human Cancer Tumor

Unbelievably, the method of producing vaccines using cells that are derived directly from human cancer tumors has been approved even though the vaccines may induce cancer in recipients. This method is cheaper and faster than breeding animals for the culture media – and human cancer tumors are readily available.
~ Sandy Lunoe - Video

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Vaccine Mandates are Nothing More Than Corporate Statutes


Most people do not really understand how our government works. When state legislators pass vaccine mandates for school admission, parents believe these mandates are laws. They are not laws, but merely corporate rules.
~ AL Whitney - A must see Video

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The Attack on Homeschoolers... Michigan Proposes Bill to Require Official Visits to Parents Homeschooling Their Children

Civilized is better than socialized

The busybodies in Michigan have proposed a new bill directed at children who are homeschooled, which will require two annual home inspections and official state registration. Like dogs and sex offenders, the state wants children registered. ~ Daniel Ameduri 

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Scientists 'Can’t Figure Out' Why The Eastern US Is So Cold

Cold pattern of the United States

We are living in what can only be described as an alternate reality with much of the science community helping to tow the line. In the article below, scientists openly ponder the US "warm West, cold East divide".

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Jade Helm and the Depopulation Agenda

Henry Kissinger quote

In a popular 1950’s movie, a small town doctor discovered the human race was being replaced one by one, with alien clones devoid of emotion. People would go to sleep and wake up after to find that the alien spores had taken over their mind and body. ~ Dave Hodges

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Evidence Suggesting That California Drought May Be a HAARP Manufactured Event

engineered statewide CA drought

California is embroiled in a crisis of epic proportions as it continues to struggle through one of the worst droughts in state history. But emerging evidence suggests that the Golden State's water woes aren't a natural occurrence at all, and that a covert military operation involving "chemtrails" and other weather modification weaponry may be to blame. ~ WorldTruth - Videos

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ALERT!... Obama Chooses Six Cities to Test 'Federal Police' Scheme!


Under the guise of “restoring trust” between communities and police departments that have been militarized by the federal government, the Obama administration’s Justice Department announced this March that it had selected six U.S. cities to serve as pilot sites, to develop and deploy federal guidance for local police to create better procedures, reduce racial bias, and regain citizens’ trust.

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The Takeover... UN Is Confiscating American Homes and Controlling All Food and Energy


In times of crises, the government has proven, time and time again, that it cannot be counted on to adequately protect the American people. As the American people have not prepared for the coming dark days, they will be vulnerable to starvation, dehydration, cholera, pandemics and attacks from resource-deficient looters. ~ Dave Hodges - Video

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Cloud Cover: The Deliberate Distruction of Our Atmosphere

Cloud Cover Documentary

Clifford Carnicom is a veteran in the battle to expose and halt the ongoing climate engineering. He first released a documentary film on the subject in 2005 titled "Aerosol Crimes". This film was very helpful for raising awareness, I personally purchased about 2000 copies and distributed them.
~ Dane Wigington - Documentary

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GM Says... "You Don’t Own Your Car, You Just License It."


GM has joined with John Deere in asking the government to confirm that you literally cannot own your car because of the software in its engine.
~ Cory Doctorow

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The 'Red List' Starts With Veterans... When Our First Line Of Defense Is Gone, The Rest Will Be Led Like Sheep To The Slaughter!


AllNewsPipeline was contacted by a very concerned veteran about a report he heard on a local news station in Knoxville, TN., which specifically highlighted that "more and more Veterans were becoming criminals," where our emailer described an interview with a police officer who "stated all Veterans are on a nation wide criminal gang list." ~ Susan Duclos - See Update - Videos - Audio

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It's Past Time for a Changing of the Guard... 79 Members Of Congress Have Been In Office For At Least 20 Years!


No wonder Washington never changes – 79 members of Congress have been there since Bill Clinton’s first term in the White House.  This list includes names such as Reid, Feinstein, McConnell, McCain, Pelosi, Boehner, Rangel and Boxer. ~ Michael Snyder 

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Every Pet Owner’s Nightmare!... Cat Brought to 'VIP Pets' for Grooming Dies and Cremated Without Telling the Owner!


Kurtis Ming reports for CBS Sacramento, May 15, 2015, that just hours after Vanessa Rodriguez-McQuade had dropped off her cat Sandy at VIP Pets in Marysville, CA, the groomer told her Sandy had died. ~ Dr. Eowyn

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