AIG Defies U.S. Taxpayers by Promoting SHARIA in America!!!

For the third month in a row, AIG is in the news regarding its promotion of Sharia-compliant finance (SCF) products, which promote the Islamic supremacist, segregationist ideology of Sharia. For a company struggling with its financial survival, it remains astounding that AIG would want to incite its American taxpayer owners by promoting products that are based on an Islamic supremacist political ideology. ~ Jeffrey Imm

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Billboard is 20 miles south of Detroit on I-75.

The United American Committee had a 48-foot-wide billboard* erected yesterday along I-75 in Luna Pier, Mich., about 10 miles north of Toledo and 20 miles south of Detroit. ~ VIDEO 

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WHAT TO EXPECT IN 2009 - 2010

An Obama supporter asked me what will happen if he is elected? Here is my answer to what I expect will happen within the next two years, if the veto proof majority in Congress is Democrat. ~ Joe Kress

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An Untold Story of Election 2008... The Death of the NRA

Among the big losers in November were the NRA and the myth of the once-feared "NRA Voter." Reform of our gun laws is on the way. Last month, voters across the country took a cue from the late Charlton Heston and pried the assault weapon from the NRA's cold, dead hands.

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Obama Has No Plans of Ending the Occupation in Iraq

The New York Times is reporting an "apparent evolution" in president-elect Barack Obama's thinking on Iraq, citing recent statements about his plan to keep a "residual force" in the country and his pledge to "listen to the recommendations of my commanders" as Obama prepares to assume actual command of U.S. forces... " ~ Jeremy Scahill

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Dead Babies Can Take Care of Themselves

When is enough, enough? Sometimes reading news stories can be unsettling and then sometimes it can just make you damn angry. Here in America we live with a multi level media colossus that spews out garbage on every level, they too also lie who just ignore the truth. We are all familiar with Fox news 24 hour running propaganda network but they have to get these stories from some where, they can’t make them all up. They would if they could but they’re just not smart enough. ~  David Glenn Cox 

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The RNC Spent Over $180,000.00 on Sarah Palin's Shopping Spree!


The RNC is continuing its herculean effort to calculate the total dollar amount spent on Sarah Palin's campaign wardrobe, accessories, and spa treatments.

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Wants Bailout!... Obama Hitting Up His Donors to Pay Hillary's Campaign Debt Before She 'Illegally' Becomes Secretary of State

President-elect Barack Obama wants to keep an outstanding commitment before Hillary Rodham Clinton becomes his secretary of state by calling on his donors to help her reduce her massive campaign debt before federal ethics rules prohibit her from doing so. The urgency is rooted in the size of the New York senator's unpaid bills and the fundraising restrictions she will face once she joins Obama's cabinet.

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Birds of a Feather Flock Together... George W Buys New $3.8 Million Home In Billionaire’s Row!

There goes the neighbourhood... President Bush has taken another step towards leaving the White House by buying a home in one of the richest enclaves in America: the exclusive Preston Hollow neighbourhood in Dallas, Texas.

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*A Special Christmas Message To Parents...*



This Christmas DON'T Give Them What They WANT

The wish-lists of little children. Do you remember yours back then? Somewhere in the back of your head the Santa story had something wrong with it, but you ignored it. How can Santa come to us if we don't have a chimney? What then? ~ Ted Twietmeyer 

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Supreme Court Decision On Obama's Birth 'Next Week'


The Supreme Court held off Friday on deciding whether to grant a hearing in a long-shot lawsuit that would decide whether Barack Obama can constitutionally become president as a "natural born" U.S. citizen.

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Even WITH a Valid Birth Certificate, 'He Still Would NOT Be Eligible to Be President'

With protesters gathering and praying on the front steps, the U.S. Supreme Court met in conference today to discuss whether or not to hear a case challenging Barack Obama's eligibility to be president.

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One Sneeze = 150 Persons Infected With Colds and Flu!

Get those tissues ready! A single sneeze in a busy area can end up infecting 150 people with a cold in just five minutes, new research suggests. An analysis of the germs unleashed from a single commuter's sneeze showed that within minutes they are being passed on via escalator handrails or seats on trains and underground carriages.

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Going... Going... Gone... YouTube is Dead

As of yesterday YouTube has replaced its list of 'Most Viewed' videos on the site's 'Videos' section with a varied selection of sponsor-friendly videos that the site calls 'Most Popular'. Where users normally see videos with high view-counts that have become popular due to viral spreading and community activity, we now see videos like the new MacBook commercial that gets showcased on the 'Most Popular' #1 spot while having very low view-counts and even lower ratings.

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Popular Live Christmas Trees and Decorating Tips

Ah, yes. December — when many Canadians go out, buy a dead pine tree, stick it in a container filled with water (which is refilled at least for a couple of days), and string several cords containing brightly-lit heat sources around it. Nothing beats the smell of a fresh Christmas tree. But few things are as dangerous as a dried-out tree sitting in your living room.

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Foreign Espionage in Canada Uncovered By Financial !ntelligence!

An unnamed foreign government has been orchestrating espionage activities in Canada over the past year, according to a report tabled in Parliament Thursday. 

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Sources Say... Bush Drinking Heavily

With less than two months remaining in office, George W. Bush, witnessing a devastating defeat for the Republican Party, worse favorability ratings than those of Richard Nixon at the height of the Watergate scandal, and the most devastating economic situation since the Great Depression, is reported by a number of well-placed sources in Washington as drinking heavily.

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Lost City Of Cloud People Found In Peru

The settlement covers some 12 acres and is perched on a mountainside in the remote Jamalca district of Utcubamba province in the northern jungles of Peru's Amazon. The buildings found on the Pachallama peak are in remarkably good condition, estimated to be over 1,000 years old and comprised of the traditional round stone houses built by the Chachapoya, the 'Cloud Forest People'.

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Ohio Fascist SWAT Team Raids Family Food Co-op in LaGange!

Ohio authorities stormed a farm house in LaGange Monday, December 1, to execute a search warrant, holding the Jacqueline and John Stowers and their son and young grandchildren at gunpoint for nine hours. During the raid the Ohio Department of Agriculture and police confiscated over ten thousand dollars worth of food, computers and cell phones. The Stowers’ crime? They run a private, members only food co-op.

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The Indoctrination Of the New World Order in Schools

Cameras everywhere in schools... Free speech being limited... Obey, obey, obey the 'rules'...  Students everywhere are talking about changes in the school curriculum... Questions are being asked but 'no one' is telling them what is going on... Yes parents, YOUR children are being indoctrinated into the New World Order and most don't have a clue!  Check out their history books... VIDEO

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Soldiers Given Ice with 'Traces of Body Fluids and Putrefied Remains'!!!... KBR Sued!

According to the Army Times, Joshua Eller, a former technician with the 332nd Air Expeditionary Wing, said that while he was stationed at Balad Air Force Base in 2006, he experienced skin lesions that spread and became worse, along with debilitating blisters on his feet, vomiting, cramping, diarrhea, and severe abdominal pain. ~ VIDEO

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De-politicizing Water Services

Prairie water was once described by someone obviously familiar with it as “too soft to walk on but too hard to drink.” That quip came to mind recently in witnessing the raging debate over Winnipeg’s water. Some critics find it hard to swallow a plan in which the City of Winnipeg proposes to put all of its water and wastewater operations into a stand-alone utility company. ~ Larry Mitchell 

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Providing a Cow-Boarding Program Does NOT Make Michael Schmidt a Canadian 'Criminal'!

There are three compelling reasons why Michael Schmidt’s cow-boarding program is not wrong and why all 20 charges against him, including the recent contempt finding, should be dismissed. ~ Kimberly Hartke 

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Strangling the Life Out of America!...

Some of us actually remember when America was the “can-do” country.  Current generations are now stuck with, “we can’t do that” because there is a law against it, or it might offend someone.  In the 1930’s along came the socialists and communists to tear down the fabric of our Constitutional Republic, purportedly to save us from the grand emergency of the Great Depression.~ Ron Ewart

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Judicial Watch... 'Hillary Clinton Constitutionally Ineligible to Serve as Secretary of State'!

Judicial Watch, the public interest group that investigates and prosecutes government corruption, announced today that Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton is constitutionally ineligible to serve as Secretary of State in the Obama administration.

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