The Incredible Secret Story Of The Big Fish That Got Away... Anheuser-Busch

This week, anxious Anheuser-Busch employees have been doing a little Monday morning quarterbacking over what the St. Louis brewer could have done differently over the years that could have prevented Sunday’s decision to sell itself to Belgium’s InBev.

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Children Are Paying the Price of Injustice


The beating of a pre-pubescent youth by soldiers is just another example of human rights abuse in the occupied territories.

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Worse Than McCain?... Delusions About Obama

Every four years, liberals and progressives are expected to set aside their beliefs and stand foursquare behind the Democratic Party candidate. This ritual is invariably performed in the name of party unity. It doesn't matter if the candidate is a smooth-talking politician who's willing to toss his pastor of 20 years overboard for a few awkward comments, or whether he refuses to defend basic civil liberties like the 4th amendment's right to privacy. All that matters is that there's a big "D" following his name and that he shows he's willing to engage in some meaningless verbal jousting with his Republican opponent.

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When Will the FDA Ghouls Be Held Accountable?

The American people have grown up with so many federal alphabet soup agencies, they've become immune to the dastardly deeds done by these unelected officials - except when it hits their home. When I refer to the FDA, I don't mean the Federal Drug Administration, I mean the Federal Death Administration.  ~ Devvy Kidd 

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The Looting of America... Parasitic Bankers Achieve the End of Capitalism

Communism was a public relations gift to the bankers. By diverting the dialogue to “controlled versus free markets” it obscured the bankers' real intent—to insert debt into every aspect of free markets. The bankers' overwhelming success however would destroy both the bankers and the free markets on which they preyed.

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While Waiting for Benefits... 8,763 Vets Died!

The title of the House committee report sums up what happened: “Die or Give Up Trying: How Poor Contractor Performance, Government Mismanagement and the Erosion of Quality Controls Denied Thousands of Disabled Veterans Timely and Accurate Retroactive Retired Pay Awards.”

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The NEW Segregation



SUV drivers made to park at the back of the store like black people on buses!

Government fueled alarmism about global warming - which has not occurred in the last 10 years nor will it occur in the next 10 years - is accelerating the creation of new forms of malthusian control over our lives, with the ultimate goal of identifying those who don’t submit to the whims of the climate cult as second class citizens and enforcing a new manifestation of 1950’s style segregation.

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Freddie and Fannie Are Finished... No Way to Bail Out $5 Trillion!

Yes, the dark twins of mortgage finance dominated the news over the weekend. Every financial page covered the story. One story reported that the government was mounting a rescue operation. Another said the Fed had opened its discount window to them. Another had the U.S. Treasury Secretary denying that they needed any extraordinary assistance. Still another explained how they got into such a mess.

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Destroying the Family Farm... Using Our Kids to Do It!

Americans were revolted by the images from a Humane Society video of cows at a meat packing plant being abused with electric prods and even dragged by tractors because they were too weak or sick to stand up.  The outrage grew as parents learned that meat from the Hallmark/Westland plant in California had gone into lunches served by the federal School Lunch Program across the country.  Our children deserve better.

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Dennis Kucinich's Impeachment Resolution Introduced In House With Reading By Clerk Today!

A single Article of Impeachment of President Bush, which alleges that Mr. Bush sent the nation to war under the false pretenses, will be brought to the floor of the House this afternoon, July 15, 2008.  Its sponsor, U.S. Representative Dennis J. Kucinich (D-OH), will rise to refer the bill to the Committee on the Judiciary. Kucinich has long been pressing for Impeachment hearings. He previously introduced 35 articles relating to President Bush and three articles relating to the Vice President Cheney.

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China Pushing More Genetically Modified Crops

In approving a master plan for transgenic crops late on Wednesday, the State Council said it aimed to shore up the country's sustainable agricultural development, Xinhua news agency reported.

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Anheuser Bush Sells to Belgian Company Inbev for $52 Billion

Look at the $$$$$$ signs in their eyes!

Cindy McCain, whose fortune from her father's beer distributor has helped fund her husband's political career, stands to get even wealthier once iconic American brewery Anheuser-Busch Cos. is sold to a Belgian company.

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A Solar Bra? A Bionic Bra? Breastpower? What's Up With That?



Well, we didn't see this coming. It turns out that breasts can be a source of power. Er, wait. That they can generate power, and in a number of ways.

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KBR Caused Electrocution of US Troops in Iraq!

The biggest US military contractor in Iraq, KBR, has been accused it of recklessly causing the electrocution deaths of US soldiers.
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G E Tomatoes to Be Laced With Alzheimers Vaccine

The humble tomato could be a suitable carrier for an oral vaccine against Alzheimer’s disease, according to HyunSoon Kim from the Korea Research Institute of Bioscience and Biotechnology (KRIBB) in Korea and colleagues from Digital Biotech Inc. and the Department of Biological Science at Wonkwang University.

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Connecticut to Be the Gathering Place for the 'Manchurian Candidates'

For some, the horrors of the CIA's secret, Cold War-era mind control research has never really ended. Next month in Connecticut, self-described victims of MK ULTRA will attend  “The Eleventh Annual Ritual Abuse, Secretive Organizations and Mind Control Conference.” There, attendees will discuss their memories of being unwitting participants in the CIA's experiments, which often involved slipping LSD to ordinary people.
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GLOBAL Family Planning

The WORLD BANK urges more focus on contraception, says more emphasis is needed on family planning issues in poor countries, citing new data that showed 51 million unplanned pregnancies occur because women lack access to contraceptives.

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Asylum Airlines... Profit and Power

In 2007, tucked away behind the headlines, a number of news stories quietly filtered through discussing the latest developments in the privatisation of asylum control and administration. Compared to the sensationalist rhetoric of asylum seekers as scroungers, cheats, liars, and criminals such developments rarely provoke much attention.

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United States Constitution... 4th Amendment


Little by little, our Constitution is being flushed down the toilet...

George W. Bush, The Decider, who has since 9/11 decided what rights you are entitled to keep, what laws he will or will not obey, and whether you will be protected by these words of the Constitution:

“The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”  He has decided... you no longer have the right to be protected by the 4th Amendment of the United States Constitution. ~ SadInAmerica

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The 4th Amendment & the Rule of Law... R.I.P.

Rumor is circulating that the House leader, Nancy Pelosi, is making a play to put Karl Rove above the law. Reportedly she is saying he should not be held in contempt for refusing to appear before the House Judiciary Committee.

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Frequent Cell Phone Users Boosts Tumor Risk by 50 Percent!

Frequent users of cellular phones develop tumors of the parotid gland 50 percent more often than less frequent users, according to a new study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology.

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McCain's Tax Returns - Why Hasn't He Reported His Gambling Gains and Losses?

I previously blogged the release of John McCain's 2006 and 2007 tax returns.  The Daily Kos asks why McCain has not reported any gambling gains on Line 21, or gambling losses on Line 28, Schedule A, of his Form 1040, given widespread press reports that he is a frequent gambler at casinos who wagers thousands of dollars per trip.  If the press reports are accurate, it is hard to imagine that McCain would not have won at least $600 on some occasions and received a Form W-G: ~ by Paul L. Caron

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The War Against Home Birth

The American Medical Association has agreed to support proposed legislation that, some physicians say, could make make having a planned birth in one’s home difficult, to virtually impossible.

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Food Prices High Until 2012 Says World Bank's Zoellick

AMSTERDAM - World Bank President Robert Zoellick said on Saturday he expected food prices to remain above 2004 levels until at least 2012 and energy prices would also remain high and volatile.

He repeated that with food and fuel prices in a "danger zone" there was a need for $10 billion to provide food and cash handouts for the world's poorest.

Soaring oil and food prices have fuelled inflation across the globe at the same time as economies slow, posing a sharp dilemma for lawmakers.

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15,000 to 20,000 People Marched on Washington!

15-20,000 People Marched on Washington DC in a show of mass grass-root's support for Ron Paul's Message of Liberty and Dedication to the US Constitution! In his Speech Dr. Ron Paul encouraged everyone to march in St Paul, Minnesota on Sept 2nd in conjunction with the Republican Convention. ~ VIDEO

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