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Bush Cheney and gang of war criminals

Will Bush and Cheney end up behind bars? Senator is on board with an ongoing effort to release government documents pertaining to the 9/11 attacks that have thus far remained secret on “national security” grounds. ~ Darrin McBreen - Video

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Taxes Are Legal Theft

property tax

As the global economy slides into the Greater Depression, the blueprint for raising taxes will be dusted off in every state. The blueprint for raising taxes in the modern era was first established in 1913 when the federal government instituted permanent income taxes. ~ Map

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Vaccines On The Wind... Chemtrails Are Not Only For Weather Modification Anymore


So you refuse to get vaccinated, and will never allow vaccines in the system of the children you love and care for so much … Hmmm, sorry but you have little choice in the matter. No I am not talking about mandatory or forced vaccinations …
~ Dave Landry

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Warning! Secret Chemtrail Operation “Indigo Skyfold” To Go Invisible... and More Deadly!

chemtrail forecast-indigo skyfold

It appears that too many people have become wise to chemtrails. Too many people are pointing up at the white lines in the sky and questioning just what in hell are they, and our slave masters has thus decided to make them invisible,
and sadly, more deadly. ~ Videos

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Is It Chemtrail Flu Or Something Else?


“The mainstream media is reporting that hospital emergency rooms are jammed with patients suffering from a bizarre upper respiratory infection that doesn’t quite seem like a virus”... N Morgan - Videos

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How Bad Could Jade Helm Get? ~ Dave Hodges


Jade Helm has several nefarious purposes as far as we know... How far will this go? Hear the stunning answer in this Dave Hodges interview. ~ Audio

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Exposed!... Jade Helm Decoded... Shocking Information!

meaning of jade helm15

In the video below Jakari Jackson with InfoWars, breaks down the truth behind what the "Master of the Human Domain" really means and how this concept will be put to use through the infamous drills known as Jade Helm. He further unveils how eugenics is the glue holding it all together. This is one Infowars video you don't want to miss... ~ Lisa Haven - Video

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The Obama Youth Movement and the Seizing of American Children

obama-youth brigade

There is presently a massive conspiracy designed to separate you from your children and give the government complete control over your children. To put it simply, Human, Health and Services (HHS) and their state level emissary, Children Protective Services (CPS) are engaged in a conspiracy which will culminate in...
~ Dave Hodges

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You’ve Been Warned!... Calls for Mandatory “National Service” for Americans Aged 18-28 Has Begun...


This is one of the most important articles I will write all year. The statists are coming for your kids, and the conditioning has already begun. Last night, I came across one of the most horrifying articles I have ever read, which is saying a lot. Before I get into it, take a look at the title... If you think the title is bad, wait until you read the article... ~ Michael Krieger - Related articles

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Understanding Smart Meters... A Real Time Surveillance and Population Control Con Job

smart meter-radiation danger

So-named "smart" meters constitute the basis of the current version of a "smart" grid – which is being rolled out in all western nations. Also referred to by utilities as "AMI", "advanced", "modernized", or "automated" meters, they are chiefly data-capturing and 2-way wireless communications devices, which also have the ability to meter your utility usage
(electricity, water or gas). ~ Josh del Sol - Videos

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BILLIONS in Profit Made Each Year in US from Performing Unnecessary Surgeries

operating on patient

Every day, thousands of Americans are operated on because they eat processed, dead and poisonous food and want their doctor and surgeon to "fix them" and extend their life, while most people keep right on eating and drinking in the same chronic way that perpetuates health detriment. ~ S D Wells

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Patient Wakes Up in Syracuse, NY Hospital Operating Room as Doctors Prepare to Harvest Her Organs!!!

harvesting organs for profit

I've warned Natural News readers about this several times over the last decade: Do NOT become an organ donor! Although you may wish to help others out of the goodness of your (literal) heart, the sinister truth is that doctors routinely harvest organs from LIVING patients right here in the USA. ~ Mike Adams

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H.R. 1205... Here's a Bill We Can All Support by Rep. Congressman Mike Rogers, Get the U.S. Out of United Nations!

mike rogers-congressman-alabama-defund UN

Citing wasted tax dollars and attacks on the constitutionally guaranteed liberties of the American people, Rep. Mike Rogers (R-Ala.; shown) introduced a bill to restore U.S. sovereignty and withdraw from the United Nations. ~ Alex Newman

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The Last Generation of True Rebels... 25 Things We Did as Kids That Would Get Someone Arrested Today

swinging at pennsylvania swimming hole

With all of the ridiculous new regulations, coddling, and societal mores that seem to be the norm these days, it's a miracle those of us over 30 survived our childhoods. Here's the problem with all of this babying...
it creates a society of weenies!

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Death Penalty... The Ultimate Corrupt Big Government Program

ron paul

Nebraska’s legislature recently made headlines when it ended the state’s death penalty. Many found it odd that a conservatives-dominated legislature would support ending capital punishment, since conservative politicians have traditionally supported the death penalty.  ~ Ron Paul

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The Price Greeks Will Pay For Remaining In The EU... Starvation


Syriza, the new Greek government that intended to rescue Greece from austerity, has come a cropper. The government relied on the good will of its EU “partners,” only to find that its “partners” had no good will.  The Greek government did not understand that the only concern was the bottom line, or profits, of those who held the Greek debt. ~ Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

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Gerald Celente... “It’s A Freak Show!"

Gerald Celenti-report from the bar

Gerald Celente... “It’s A Freak Show! A Transgender For President!” – (6/9/15).“A new study suggests that patient discharges are timed to payments, “G7 leaders escalate war threats against Russia” & migrants fleeing the middle east to reach Europe has surged 500%!” ~ John Ale - Video

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To Avoid Prison, You Must Read This BEFORE Taking Your Money Out of the Bank!

bank run

Can you find yourself in the picture? Don’t be 'that guy'. These people will end up living under a cardboard box or they will forced to go to a FEMA camp for food and water. ~ Dave Hodges

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HAARP ATTACK!... Rare Event Coming! Tropical Storm Bill To Get Stronger Targeting Dallas, Texas!

Texas-Flooding Warnings In Place-06-16-15

The Southern United States has remained in a red alert for a month and an upgrade was just given to a pink alert for the Texas areas. Our reporters are now reporting the highest signals in this area. Looking around we can see a tropical storm in the area.  What will be or what is already Tropical Storm Bill is going to be the target for these signals. ~ Videos

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Vatican Speaker and California Governor in Push for Massive Depopulation...

depopulation-6 million people must go

The depopulationists are on the move again, pushing hard for the elimination of six billion people on planet Earth in order to bring the planet down to what's being touted as its "sustainable carrying capacity of one billion people."This time, the depopulation agenda may be codified by the Vatican. Professor John Schellnhuber has been chosen as a speaker for the Vatican's rolling out of a Papal document on climate change. ~ Mike Adams

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American People Are More Stupid Than Ever!

how many stupid people

Global retardation is on the rise. People are becoming ridiculously stupid... and that’s the plan! Don't believe it?... Watch this... ~ Brandon Martinez - Video

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Happy Birthday Magna Carta... 800 Years Old

magna carta

Monday, June 15, 2015, is the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta.  In his book, Magna Carta, J.C. Holt, professor of medieval history, University of Cambridge, notes that three of the chapters of this ancient document still stand on the English Stature Book and that so much of what survives of the Great Charter is “concerned with individual liberty,” which “is a reflexion of the quality of the original act of 1215.” ~ Paul Craig Roberts

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Surviving the Jade Helm Era Depends On You Taking Your Money Out of the Bank

get your money out of bank

Now that you that you know, or should know, that your bank account is no longer owned by you, a prudent man would also realize that your retirement, 401k, your home and even your freedom is at risk. ~ Dave Hodges

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Children Remembering Past Lives... Proof of Reincarnation

reincarnation past lives

The most compelling reincarnation cases are those in which small children spontaneously remember past lives that can be facutally verified. Ian Stevenson, MD, of the Unversity of Virginia, compiled over 1200 of these objectively validated cases, which in aggregate provide proof of reincarnation.
~ Walter Simkiw MD - Audio

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Are You Experiencing Strange Symptoms?... You Could Be A Target Of Government Gang Stalking And Electronic Warfare!

Gang Stalking And Electronic Warfare

Do you consider yourself "awakened?" Do you question the official government narrative? Do you belong to social media groups that monitor and discuss unusual government activities? Do you visit websites that publish content that doesn't conform the official narrative? ~ Susan Duclos
- Videos - Hagmann & Hagmann Audio

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