Full Legalization of Marijuana On Reservation Lands


The United States Justice Department just announced that it will instruct all U.S. attorneys to no longer prevent any Native American tribes from growing, or selling marijuana on reservation land. ~ M David - Document

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The Right Of Self-Defense Against Acts Of Aggression And Violence By Police... Shouldn't This Be The Law In Every State?


A police badge does not grant police special rights to break into someone's home and commit acts of violent aggression. If they do, the resident has the right to resist those illegal actions and defend themselves. ~ M David

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The 'Expiration Date' Lie


Expiration dates on many foods are on the product to help prevent consumers from getting sick eating an old product; however, there are several foods that actually lie about their expiration date. ~ Lee Flynn

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Thyroid Medication... 7 Reasons It Isn't Working


While there is no "magic pill" for thyroid disease, some factors may influence the effectiveness of your thyroid medication. When you are first diagnosed with a thyroid condition, a prescription for medication becomes much like a prescription for hope. ~ Jen Wittman

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NESTLE Paid How Much to Extract 27,000,000 Gallons of California Drinking Water?... $524.00!... Big Media Shrugs It Off!


While "drought-shaming" has stopped corporations from drawing water from California, Nestle continues to draw millions of gallons of water from the arid state with an expired permit. ~ Claire Bernish

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Are Smart Meters Really Dangerous?

smart meters-concerns

Still wondering whether your Smart Meter is safe or not? Maybe you're thinking all the fuss certain people are making about smart meter radiation is based on misinformation and emotionally-charged beliefs, and that their symptoms are
all in their heads. ~ Jean Gallick - Related article

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Why is There a Media Black-Out on 'Smart Grid' and Mass Deployment of 'Smart Meters' Being Installed Across America?

smart meter-warning

Over the past several years a conspiracy of silence has surrounded the implementation of the Smart Grid across the United States, perhaps with good reason. If the public were aware of what lay behind this agenda there would likely be considerable outcry and resistance. ~ Prof. James F Tracy - Videos - Audio

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Is Pope Francis a Hypocrite?


For a man who is supposed to represent the highest virtues of Christianity, Pope Francis sure has habit of racking up hypocrisies on a regular basis. However, it's surprising how many hypocrisies were spawned in just the past few days. ~ Joshua Krause

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Pope Francis Deceives Mesmerized Americans... Pushes NWO Agenda 2030 With Warm, Fuzzy Words... Hands Our Children to UN


In all the hoopla of his celebrated first historic visit to America, Pope Francis as President Barack Obama's latest booster must have started his adulation long before taking his first step on American soil. ~ Judi McLeod

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Peter Schiff Says His Dying 87 Year Old Father Irwin, A Political Prisoner Is Now Chained To His Hospital Bed and Guarded 24/7!


This is what a lawless tyrannical government looks like. Only about two months ago, in keeping with the new liberal push to release “non-violent” criminals, Obama commuted the sentences of 46 nonviolent drug offenders. ~ Videos

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Did You Know Your Doctor Now Works For FEMA And DHS???


In this business not a whole lot is "shocking" anymore. Uncover and expose enough government corruption, nefarious agendas, documents showing what the government would rather stay under the radar, and you inevitably become slightly cynical where "verify" comes well before "trust" when it comes to government programs and appearances. ~ Susan Duclos - Video

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Obama Takes Hissy Fit Over Planned Parenthood Funding, Takes Revenge Out on 46 Million People Having to Rely on Food Stamps!


The title comes from a key quote from an Associated Press story via US News and World Report article announcing that a government shutdown would "suspend or delay food stamp payments to some of the 46 million Americans who receive the food aid." ~ Susan Duclos - Videos

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To Silence Support For GMO Labeling, Big Food And Wall Street Are Buying Up Natural Brands


One of the fastest growing natural juice brands in the country is adding Coca-Cola and Goldman Sachs to its lineup of stakeholders. ~ Ethan A Huff

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SODA NATION... Half of America Is Now Type 2 Diabetic or Pre-Diabetic!


A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) indicates about half of the adult population in the U.S. is either pre-diabetic or has diabetes. The reaction to the findings seem to suggest the numbers are showing the disease is starting to plateau. ~ Videos

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Of Covenants and Legal Bibles


The endless talk of covenants and the encyclopedia Britannica known as legal terminology never ceases. Endless argument about which is right and wrong, the proper definitions for “people” or “property,” what really is “legal jurisdiction” and who has it or does not and when. ~ Vekar

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Don't Get Arrested!... Police Have Instant Access Your Bank Account and Anything Else They Want to See... No Warrant Needed!


Thanks to DHS's own research & development department if you're arrested, cops can now read your bank balance!

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Major League Baseball Legend Yogi Berra Dies at Age 90


Yogi Berra, a Hall of Fame catcher for the New York Yankees whose mangled syntax made him one of the sports world’s most beloved and frequently quoted figures, died on Tuesday at the age of 90, Major League Baseball said. ~ Videos

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American Public School System... The True Roots of Citizen Control

Parental Rights VS The Collective

Every year around this time millions of parents surrender their children to the local public schools. These tax-funded babysitters provide 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, equaling to 40 or more hours weekly for 12 years to create
psychologically controlled kids. ~ Videos

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Red Alert!... CPS Offices Being Installed In Schools!!!... Get Your Kids Out Of Government School!


ERIE COUNTY, N.Y.  22 Suburban public school districts in western New York are deciding that the best way to protect the children, is to open an office in every school, and place staff from the Erie County CPS and Social Services.
~ Andre Gabriel Esparza - List of school districts - Video

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Radiation From 'Manhattan Project'... Causing 'Cancer Clusters'


The Manhattan Project was the military program that developed the atomic bomb. This project was considered by most people to be a conspiracy theory for years until the bombs eventually dropped. Whole towns were built to test the first nuclear weapons. ~ John Vibes - Videos

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Big Government Just Keeps Getting Bigger... Obama Jobs Now Outnumber Manufacturing Jobs by a HUGE Margin!


According to data published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, government jobs now outnumber manufacturing jobs by nearly 1.8 to 1. Almost 22,000,000 people work for local, state, and federal agencies, compared to 12,329,000 workers in the manufacturing sector. ~ Joshua Krause - Related article

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Is ANYTHING Made In America?


America may not be not perfect, but it was the most successful, most productive, most diverse, most free nation in the history of mankind. Unfortunately, as America turned its back on God, it is now slowly slipping into bondage. ~ Videos

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Larry Nichols... The New Clinton Chronicles 2015


Clinton insider, Larry Nichols, tears open the Clinton machine and exposes their colossal list of lies, deceptions and depravities. From Bill Clinton’s bizarre sexual history and involvement with trafficking cocaine into the U.S. too Hillary’s trail of death as secretary of state and her rise to the presidency: the blood is spilled as the gloves come off. ~ Videos

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Another Government Shutdown September 30th?


Much of America’s political focus has understandably been on the 2016 presidential race. There is, however, a more immediate problem on the horizon. Congress has two weeks to pass a measure to keep the government funded beyond Sept. 30. If no agreement is reached, federal agencies could be shuttered again — the second time in three years. ~ Ryan 

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How The US Dollar Lost Incredible Purchasing Power Since 1938


Money is only as useful as to what it can purchase. The Fed has created a system where debt is now equal to money. Big purchases like cars, housing, and even going to college are only feasible by mortgaging your future for many decades.

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