RED ALERT!... US Senate Passes Bill Approving Mandatory Vaccinations for Veterans


Fundamentally, biological warfare is sneaky. It involves a microbial sucker punch to its intended target, often accomplished in a manner in which the aggressor can claim clean hands, while his victim may suffer or die. ~ Janet C Phelan

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House Approves Bill to Protect Names of Pennsylvania Cops Who Kill


Fearing transparency would place officers’ lives at risk, the Pennsylvania House of Representatives approved a bill Tuesday that would make it illegal to release the names of officers under investigation for shooting or abusing citizens in the line of duty. The only exception would be if the officer ends up charged with a crime.
~ Carlos Miller

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24 Hours After ISIS Called Anonymous 'Idiots', Anonymous Takes Down 5,500 ISIS Twitter Accounts


The Anonymous hacking collective has reportedly taken down over 5,500 Twitter accounts purported to belong to Islamic State members following their declaration of "total war" on the terrorist group after the Paris attacks.

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7 Years in Prison, $15,000.00 Fine for Barking at a Police Dog In Pennsylvania


The accusation that Oakland Raiders linebacker Ray-Ray Armstrong taunted a Pennsylvania police dog has shed light on a little known, and excessive, Pennsylvania state law. ~ Lou Colagiovanni

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Drinking Diet Coke Dramatically Raises the Risk of Heart Attacks


Drinking just two sweetened beverages per day - including "diet" drinks - can raise your risk of heart failure by nearly 25 percent, according to a study conducted by researchers from the Karolinska Institute in Sweden and published in the journal Heart. ~ David Gutierrez

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Spoiled Adult Children... Is It Time To Raise The Voting Age To 25?


It'll likely never happen – at least not in today's overhyped, overly sensitive, politically correct environment – but it needs to: The voting age should be reset to 25 years old, and the sooner the better. ~ J D Heyes

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The Great Amerikan Invasion!... The Syrian 'Refugees' Have Reached America... 10,000 Have Already Invaded New Orleans!


Barack Hussein Obama promised that he would be sending thousands of Syrian “refugees” to the US. Well, he is keeping that promise. As the dead are still being counted in Paris — with one of the terrorists a “Syrian refugee” who entered Europe in October — the first transport of Muslim so-called “refugees” just arrived in New Orleans recently and will be resettled in Louisiana and 180 other
American communities. ~ Brian Hayes - List - Videos

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No Thanks Obama... 22 Sitting GOP Governors Rebel Against Obama Over Syrian Refugees


The growing number of governors rejecting Syrian refugees comes after reports that one of the suspects in Friday’s Paris terrorist attacks, which killed more than 120 people, had entered Paris by masquerading as a Syrian refugee.
~ Michelle Fields

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America in Peril... The Agenda 21 Takeover


As the UN mandated, Agenda 21 blueprint is quickly being adopted and implemented in States and Municipalities across this country, is it accurate to describe America as a Nation in peril? For me, the question is self-evident. ~ James White - Video

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Generals Say... Constitutional Crisis Could Force Military To Remove Obama!


In a interview with Trunews, Retired U.S. Air Force Lt. General Thomas McInerney and Retired U.S. Army General Paul Vallely spoke about the possibility of a Constitutional Crisis that may occur if Barack Obama refuses to protect the American people from the threat of ISIS and radical islam. ~ Audio

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After Paris, Will ISIS Attack America Next?... Don't Get Trapped in a 'Gun-Free Zone' With No Self Defense!


While the mainstream media and President Obama pretended radicalized Muslims were warm, fuzzy refugees that we should welcome with open arms, the alternative media has been steadily warning about the precise scenario we just saw unfold in Paris. ~ Mike Adams - Videos

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Rick Santorum Shocker... 'US Created ISIS And Caused Paris Attacks!'


Presidential candidate Rick Santorum has issued a bombshell statement about ISIS, claiming that the USA created the terror group and are thus ultimately responsible for the Paris attacks. ~ Sean Adl-Tabatabai

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Boston Marathon Bombing ‘Victim’ Admits Hoax


A Boston marathon bombing 'victim' has plead guilty to perpetuating a hoax to members of the public where she falsely claimed to have suffered injuries
from the tragedy. ~ Sean Adl-Tabatabai

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White Jurors not Allowed to Serve in Kentucky!... Judge Dismisses Entire Group of Jurors for Being 100% White!


For a nation that used to pride itself on being a "diverse melting pot" of ethnicity, we are devolving into one of the most race-conscious countries on the planet, and it's not a phenomenon that is going to end well. ~ J D Heyes

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The King James AV 1611 Bible vs. The New International Version


It is said by many that the New International Version bible is just the same as the King James, but just easier to read and in more "modern" english. Is that so, or is it something very different from the King James? ~ Geoffrey Grider

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The Paris Massacre Is a False Flag Event


When one wants to determine if an event is real or it represents a false flag attack, one only needs to look at what emergency services, local law enforcement or the military is doing leading up to the attack. ~ Dave Hodges - Videos

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While Paris Burned, Obama Was Busy Ordering More Muslim Migrants To Be Admitted To U.S.


The move comes after President Barack Obama pledged in September to admit an additional 10,000 Syrian refugees in 2016, torn by four years of
civil war and disorder. ~ Videos

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Muslim Migrants In Germany... There's Rioting In Churches, Stealing From Stores And Defecating In Gardens!


Residents in the German town of Ellwangen are reporting that thousands of Muslim migrants who recently arrived are defecating on people’s gardens, staging riots in church and stealing from local stores, while police in the area struggle to cope with the disorder. ~ Geoffrey Grider - Videos

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Obama’s New Immigrant Welcome Guide Offers Welfare In 14 Different Languages


The Obama administration has released an updated welcome guide for new immigrants in the U.S. featuring detailed sections about obtaining public benefits including food stamps, welfare, and Obamacare. ~ Geoffrey Grider

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Texas Judge Rules... Babies Born to Illegal Immigrants on U.S. Soil Will no Longer be Granted Birth Certificates


Texas officials no longer have to issue birth certificates to children of illegal immigrants born on U.S. soil, also known as "anchor babies," according to a ruling made by a judge late last month. ~ Julie Wilson

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Google to Monitor Your Mental Health, Then Become Your Drug Dealer and Report You to the Feds for Gun Control!


In recent days, Dr. Tom Insel, M.D., left his post as chief of the U.S. National Institute of Mental Health, a position that made him the nation's top
mental health physician. ~ J D Heyes

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Education In Amerika... 93% Can't Read! 96% Can't Do Math!... 100% Of These 'Educated' Detroit Kids Will Be 'Allowed' To Vote!!!


At the time of our nation's founding, not everyone could vote. Women were denied the right, as were African-Americans, Native Americans and anyone else considered a non-citizen. Most of those who voted at the time of the Constitution's ratification were white male landowners. ~ J D Heyes

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Is the US an Abandoned Country?... Large Banks File Claim that United States is an Abandoned Country Trying to Lay Claim to It!


So, WHAT does all this mean?... It means we have been defrauded by international banking cartels operating “governmental services corporations” as if these entities were our lawful government. ~ Judge Anna von Retiz

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US Government Report... More Than Half of US Tax Payer Dollars for Military Assistance Goes to Israel!:


The US government provided $5.9 billion in foreign military assistance last year from American taxpayers’ money, according to a new report by the
US State Department. ~ Videos

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Jim Traficant... A Tribute To A True American Hero

James Traficant-1941-2014

Jim Traficant Tribute 2015 - American Free Press Meeting Washington D.C., Last Public Speech, Speaker at Citizen's Reform Center ~ Videos

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