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How much you wanna bet ourFLAGOFWAR (not verified)10 weeks 1 day agoRED ALERT!... Extremely High Levels Of Radium Found In Pennsylvania Stream Near Drinking Water Supply!
Executive orders are NOTWithout Prejudice (not verified)10 weeks 1 day agoFederal Govt. Wants to Take Away the Right to Grow Your Own Food
Look up the Act of 1871!!!inthenameofFreedom (not verified)10 weeks 1 day agoProof... The USA is Controlled by Foreign Corporations
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Simple, Sign it ( WithoutjustsayNO (not verified)12 weeks 9 hours agoALERT... DO NOT Sign This 'REFUSAL TO VACCINATE FORM'!
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Not a word of her b.s. is true!Anonymous (not verified)12 weeks 6 days agoIs This Stuff Real?... Is Nancy Ruth Owens Obama's Half Sister?... Says She Forged Obama's Birth Certificate!
If we stop paying taxes, theAnonymous (not verified)13 weeks 2 hours agoObama’s New Immigrant Welcome Guide Offers Welfare In 14 Different Languages