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Chinese Takeover of America Begins... Federal Reserve Clears Communist China For First 'Takover' Of US Bank!



The federal reserves has approved the first take over of a US bank by China while approving 3 communist state-owned Chinese banks to enter the US market. ~ Alexander Higgins

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FBI Asking Internet Companies for Wiretap-Friendly Back Door...? (They're Asking?... Please Tell Them... 'No, No and No' :)



The push to make the internet a controlled space used to spy on citizens, where supposedly “private” information is automatically shared with authorities, might soon reach another threshold. A new report suggests that the FBI is currently discussing with major internet companies such as Microsoft, Facebook, Yahoo and Google to build backdoor accesses to their services to facilitate government surveillance. Video

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Glass Fibers in Cigarette Filters Worsen Lung Damage for Smokers



Shocking new research reveals that a specific type of lung cancer many smokers develop comes from tiny tears in their lung tissue caused by microscopic glass fibers, also known as glass wool, found in many conventional cigarette filters. ~   S. D. Wells

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Whistleblowers Talk... Expose Major Pentagon Secret of Deadly Toxin Added to Jet Fuel!



Virginia Air National Guard F-22 Raptor pilots Major Jeremy Gordon and Captain Josh Wilson were on CBS’s 60 Minutes tonight. While there were no major revelations, the two aviators added detail to what was already known. ~ Video

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The Planned Re-Appointment of Obama... Revolutionary Style... (Suspended Elections?)



Obama administration, including his czars and his closest Progressive supporters, are planning a manufactured insurgency against America. Using the media to garner both sympathy and support for his unfinished goals. ~ Doug Hagmann

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Michigan... Small City of Milan May Become 'China City' With 415 Unit Housing Complex and Artificial Lake!



The southeastern Michigan city of Milan, a 40-minute or so commute to Toledo or Detroit industrial centers, might become the new home for a 200-acre or larger “China City” that would house Chinese business people.

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Pink Slime Is Just the Beginning!



The recent brouhaha over pink slime (and other lovely meat production processes) is only the beginning. Here’s our roundup of some standout reporting about the food on your plate.

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