ZERO PRIVACY For Any And All Prescriptions!

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Here is the cold plain truth about prescription privacy. Any trained medical doctor can look at your prescription history and basically see your entire health history. When national health care goes into full swing, this information can and will be used against you to deny on-going care of old medical problems. ~ Ted Twietmeyer - Image

Today expensive drugs like Copaxone (which costs about $2300/month) are being denied to patients in some countries with socialized medical care, with doctors telling patients these drugs are too expensive and they will have to purchase it privately.

Drugs like Copaxone are taken for life, and would cost out-of-pocket $27,600/yr. With national medical care, there is little doubt drug and medical care denial will start happening in America, too.


The image at the end of this article is a photo of a legal-size paper attached to every prescription you get from CVS drug stores. This document was obtained May 4, 2012 when this article was written.

Most likely a similar document is attached to prescriptions from other drug stores. Text on the document itself is very light against a white background which required a digital camera to capture it (not a cell phone.)

Text in the photo below is twice the size of text in the document itself. Text in the paper document is approximately 1 pt. size. This is smaller text than what you see in most telephone directories. There is little doubt that someone with almost any form of near-vision impairment will find this text unreadable.

This prescription document states in the top left corner it is based on HIPPA, which you probably already know is an abbreviation for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability.

The RICO act is against racketeering and crime organizations, the Riot Act is against rioting, Patriot Act is actually against patriotism (a document you have to read to accept it) and clearly HIPPA is against privacy.

Why any patient should be hassled by medical personnel in doctor offices and hospitals to sign they have read and understand the basics of HIPPA is beyond understanding.

I told one nurse years ago in a hospital, "What's the point of HIPPA? You're going to spread everyone's personal information around and you just want patients to acknowledge it." She just smiled and said, "You're right."

Note - throughout this document you will frequently see PIH which stands for Personal Health Information.

There is a small paragraph of text at the bottom stating what conditions require your written permission (blue boxed text.) Compare that text to a much larger block of text titled "Other Special Circumstances" (red boxed text) - which does NOT require your permission.

To show the large size of this document included with every prescription drug purchased at CVS, I included a No. 2 pencil for scale size which can be seen vertically along the right edge. This pencil was in the frame when the document was photographed.

Red boxed area - includes several paragraphs related to disclosure to law enforcement, intelligence, counterintelligence, national security and others. It also mentions the president!

I was informed a few days ago by a leading nationally respected physician, that by 2014 ALL medical records must be stored in digital format. There will be no exceptions and no privacy either!

privacy notice

Enlarged Image


Ted Twietmeyer - May 5, 2012 - Rense


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Submitted by SadInAmerica on Mon, 05/07/2012 - 10:00pm.


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