Federal Government and Big Pharma Plot New 'Uses' for Failed Drugs

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The blending of government, private industry, and academia into a single, mega-fascist entity is moving forward at an alarmingly rapid pace in the U.S. today, with the federal government now announcing its intentions to subsidize the drug-creation efforts of Big Pharma on the taxpayer dime. ~ My2Cents

A recent Reuters report explains that roughly $20 million a year may soon be extorted from hardworking Americans and given to drug companies for the sole purpose of inventing phony new medical uses for failed drug compounds.

In their endless quest to develop new “blockbuster” drugs that will generate billions of dollars a year in new profits, drug companies must continually invest in new research and development (R&D) projects with the hope that an efficacious new drug will emerge.

In many cases, however, potential new drugs fail to work as intended, which means hundreds, if not thousands, of patented compounds end up getting shelved in storage laboratories where they never again see the light of day.

All this could quickly change if the Obama-led Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has its way.

Rather than let these failed drug compounds go to “waste,” why not have the taxpayers fund research into discovering new uses — any new uses — so that Big Pharma can recoup its losses and gain much, much more in profits?

This, of course, is the mindset of HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, who told reporters the goal of the project is to “teach an old drug new tricks.”

Merging of government and industry means elimination of freedom

As cute as Ms. Sebelius’ little quip might sound, apportioning taxpayer-funded cash infusions for failed drug research projects is nothing short of corporate-government fascism, and the very type of public-private partnership that has no place in a free republic.

As much as these traitors in the federal government would have us all believe that such research is necessary to find new “cures” for disease, the real driving force behind such a setup is to further bilk the public for the purpose of enriching Big Pharma.

It is the same thing the federal government is trying to do with agriculture, as it capitulates to the demands of corporate food giants like Monsanto that seek none other than to control the world’s food supply.

Rather than require proper safety testing of genetically-modified organisms (GMOs) — or at the very least, mandate transparent labeling (http://www.naturalnews.com/029168_GMO_foods_labeling.html)– the federal government has sided with industry at the expense of the public.

Unless the American people stand up now to stop the madness, the merging of government and industry will only continue to escalate until all semblances of freedom are vanquished.

One of the main drivers of this madness is the federal income tax which, as long as Americans continue to pay it, will continue to be used to enslave them.


May 12, 2012 - posted at BlackListedNews


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I find this 'idea' to be extremely disturbing and sinister... When taking the depopulation agenda into consideration... 'any new uses' has me worried.

What does this mean? We all know where fluoride ended up, lithium is added to drinking water supplies, a multitude of other drugs are directly or indirectly in our water...

Will these 'failed drugs' be added to our water as well? What about the food supply? What if they are put into animal feed?... Pet food?

What if a soup of these drugs are combined and given a new name and used as a vaccine for another 'created disease' or 'created pandemic'?

The mere thought of this is nothing short of alarming. The eugenicists are planning to 'get rid' of 90% of the population... one way or another.

What if these failed drugs are added to baby food or formula? What if they end up disguised as a food ingredient for school lunch programs or hospital food?

What if it is added to juice drinks or the 'government version' of organic food? Could  evil Monsanto includes these drugs into seed DNA?

These sick psychotic bastards will go to any extreme to eliminate the so called,  'useless eaters'. We are not only being taxed to death literally, we are also paying for our own demise!

We, the people of this nation must stop this genocide and eugenics agenda before there's no one left to stop it.

Sadly this country is becoming nearly unrecognizable. Our puppet government is feared and hated around the world... Is it possible the 'failed drugs' will be given to children of other nations disguised as US 'humanitarian aid'?

There are a multitude of questions to this evil plan and no answers.

Obama and his trolls obviously have BIG plans for us and it isn't looking good...

All I can say for certain is Americans need to wake up right now. The 'sleeping' are certainly the elites' delight, easy targets for their sinister plans.

What is the answer? I don't know... I am sure of one thing we will not survive another four years of Obama... our country will not survive another four years of Obama.

By the same token, we will not survive four years of Romney and neither will our country...

It's a proven fact, if Obama is 'handed' four more years he will continue his mission of destroying our country and lives. He will not stop until everyone is jobless, homeless and begging the government for food and a cot in a re-education camp!

If Cousin Romney is handed the dictatorship, he will continue where Cousin Obama left off... the end result will be the exact same.

Our overall ignorance and gullability has created our situation of doom and gloom. There's more, much more of the same on the way...

There is no 'better of the two evils'... Obama and Romney are exactly the same, there is no measurable difference except for one... Should Obama hold the axe over America another four years... he will never leave the White House!

Here's something to think about... I'll put it another way... If the election out come doesn't look favorable for Obama or it can not be stolen, a false flag event will be created and he will cancel the election.

There won't be an election and he will never leave or... if 'handed' the election he will never leave. Can you comfortably say 'dictatorship'?

Romney will certainly follow the same path as Obama... there is no difference folks, none.

You may not like Ron Paul or his plans for our country but at least we will not be worse off than we are now.

Nothing will stop the Obama or Romney New World Order agenda. The only hope left for our country and personal survival is to ensure a Ron Paul presidency.

A Ron Paul presidency will certainly give the American people and our country four years to regroup and an opportunity to restore our once great and respected nation.

This time around don't vote for your choice. Give your vote to Ron Paul, do it for your young children and their future... Children have no voice and can not vote... Tell your children you voted for them! One day they will thank you for giving them the best gift ever... a dictatorship-free future.


That's My2Cents... Thanks for reading.

As always, use the comment area and share your thoughts...



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Submitted by SadInAmerica on Sat, 05/12/2012 - 3:52pm.


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