HR 9118... Complete and General Disarmament! (PL 87-297)

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Somebody must have requested documents under the Freedom of Information Act, on the order for Complete and General Disarmament of the United States which is why it is posted. ~ Vicky Davis - Links - Document

On September 19, 1961, the order for Complete and General Disarmament became law - PL 87-297. 

I became aware of this when I was researching the NAFTA Superhighway and discovered that defense contractors had been "re-purposed" to so-called peaceful use - designing and implementing computer-based technologies for our highways. 

(Special thanks to Bernadine Smith of the Second Amendment Committee organization for her years of dedicated efforts to alert Americans about this treason.) 

(Notice the source website on this link: 

DOD - Military extension - Publications - FOI = Freedom of Information - Joint Staff Operations)

In the memos above, I'd like to call your attention to several sections:

 Page 12 (d)  -  recalling that Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta recently told Congress that he doesn't answer to them and that ICLEI is operating openly "advising" our city leaders on city management issues:

"As states relinquish their arms, the United Nations shall be progressively strengthened in order to improve its capacity to assure international security and the peaceful settlement of differences as well as to facilitate the development of international cooperation in common tasks for the benefit of mankind".

Page 17  -  recalling "Intermodal Commerce Zones" authorized in the Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act of 1991 - signed into law by George H.W. Bush. Intermodal Commerce Zones - Foreign Trade Zones are in effect, Inland Ports which provide an unbroken journey for international shipments meaning that they would be defined as ports under Admiralty (international law).

The significance of this clause is that "observation posts" would be under UN control wouldn't they? The fact that with modern telecommunications, on-site observation is not necessary, is irrelevant.  Recall that I called the Intermodal Commerce Zones - Foreign Trade Zones, Trojan Triangles. 

"There shall be established observation posts at such locations as major ports, railway centers, motor highways, and air bases to report on concentrations and movements of military forces".

Notice that the name McGeorge Bundy is mentioned in the memos.  McGeorge Bundy came to my attention when I was researching the Club of Rome and Aurelio Peccei. 

Specifically, it was in connection with the founding of the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis that was a forum for the Russians and Americans to "work together to solve global problems" and it was funded covertly through the National Science Foundation. This was at the height of the Cold War. 

Information on the IIASA, Aurelio Peccei, McGeorge Bundy:

Related Research that led to my discovery of the Complete and General Disarmament - in reverse order:

Complete and General Disarmament  - Defense Industry Conversion

Technology - Defense Contractors and Surveillance

Super Information Highways -  Systems and Technology for highways and vehicles

NAFTA Superhighway History

Inland Port Diagram - Port Security arrows outward are because surveillance and control is towards land - at you and me - as opposed to what's coming in..

Put your military caps on and think strategically... what do you have to do to control a country that you are taking down? You have to control movement don't you?

With toll roads, you get to pay the expenses for your jailers and those jailers are foreign "companies" (yeah right):   

I'm getting tired of doing this... I think I've connected as many dots (hubs of control) as I'm going to. It's up to you now. Either do something real about this... or leave a world of totalitarian control for your progeny. 


Vicky Davis
December 31, 2012


Vicky Davis - December 31, 2012 - posted at ChannelingReality



See these links and document

State Department Publication 7277, Explanation of Public Law 87-2975

Blueprint For The Peace Race, May 19626

September 26, 1961, Public Law 87-297
"Arms Control and Disarmament Act"

Congressional Record, Proceedings, September 19, 19618

1961 Senate Voting Record9

1961 House Voting Record10


On September 25, 1961, John F. Kennedy gave a speech at the United Nation calling for the complete disarmament of the United States and Soviet Union. 

The next day, September 26, 1961, Kennedy signed Public Law 87-297, "Arms Control and Disarmament Act".  

In the over fifty years since, our government and military leaders have been disarming our country - and looting it at the same time.  We were funding a military that was being dismantled in the United States - and building a military offshore. 

So it would seem, the only real 'superpower' this government has is the ability to create a false reality for the masses  using Mainstream Media and American Pravda wire service as the funnels for propaganda and social conditioning for the demise of the nation.



You decide...

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Submitted by SadInAmerica on Tue, 02/26/2013 - 12:58am.


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