New Evidence... IRS Laundering Money From Veterans' Disability Checks!

Submitted by SadInAmerica on Sat, 05/18/2013 - 11:25pm.


You know what the IRS is really great at? Breaking its own laws. In addition to targeting conservative groups, the corrupt government agency has also been singling out disabled veterans. They do this by using banks to launder and then stealing the veterans’ disability checks... Shameful! ~ Kristin Tate

The Veterans Disability Act of 2010 exempts VA disability from withholding of any sort. But the IRS has been stealing disabled veterans’ money anyways.

Kevin Lake is a 60% disabled veteran of the Iraq War. He logged onto his bank account a few months ago to find that his VA disability check had not been deposited, and that his account was in the negative.

Lake contacted his bank, and was told that the IRS demanded all of the available funds be taken out of his account and wired to them.

A confused Lake then called the IRS, and was placed on hold for a long time (bureaucratic government agencies tend to be efficient like that!) before he was finally able to speak with an agent.

The agent claimed Lake had made $157,000 in 2010 and that he owed them money. Funny, since in 2010 Lake was still in the hospital recovering from injuries he’d sustained while in Iraq — he earned less than $10,000 that year.

Lake reminded the IRS agent that VA disability money is 100% exempt. She then placed him on hold for another substantial chunk of time (surprise, surprise!) and then told him,

“We do not take veterans’ disability money. We wait until the funds are deposited from the VA and then we take all of the funds from your bank account.”

Bureaucrat language for: “We stole your money.”

Lake was a contributing writer for key Tea Party personality “Joe the Plumber”. This likely played a role in Lake being singled out by the IRS and having his money stolen in complete breach of federal law.

Oh, never mind — I forgot that “partisanship or the perception of politics has no place in the IRS”, as acting commissioner Steven Miller put it.

Give me a break!

Thankfully, after a lot of persistance, Lake was successful in having the IRS give back the money they stole. But other disabled veterans may be victims of this disgraceful (and seemingly partisan) crime.

Vets stand up for the rights of all Americans, but unfortunately now they must stand up for themselves to ensure that the promises of being taken care of upon return are kept.

Someone must be held accountable for this obvious, disgusting government corruption.


Kristin Tate - May 18, 2013 - posted at BeforeIt'sNews


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Submitted by SadInAmerica on Sat, 05/18/2013 - 11:25pm.


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