The U.S. Government Used Your Tax Dollars to Supply ISIS’ Iconic Toyota Pickup Trucks


U.S. counter-terror officials have launched an investigation into how ISIS got so many of those identical Toyota pickup trucks which they use in their convoys. They don’t have to look very far …

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TPP And How It's Going To Affect You


After the pro-transparency group WikiLeaks released the intellectual property chapter of the controversial Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) "trade" regime, the outcry around the world and across the political spectrum was swift and brutal.
~ Alex Newman - Videos

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Obama's New Education Chief... Expect More Federal Control of Education


President Obama’s naming of John B. King, Jr. to lead the federal Department of Education, replacing Arne Duncan, vividly illustrates not only his philosophy “education,” but also his lack of respect for Congress. ~ Steve Byas

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Gerald Celente, "Fatima: Russia Cannot Be Stopped!"


Eric Gajewski from TradCatKnight Radio is joined by special guest Gerald Celente to discuss Putin, Western Overthrow of Putin?, Middle east Crisis, Syria and Assad, Criminal Banksters, "mark of the beast' reality?... ~ Audio 

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Get Ready For The 'Internet Code of Conduct' Dictated By China


With the latest call from China for an Internet "code of conduct" to be enforced by the "international community" we see the final phase of of an agenda meant to curtail free speech and control what is said, who says it and who sees it on the world wide web. For Americans, these "international norms" would directly nullify their constitutional right of free speech. ~ Susan Duclos - Videos

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'Pope Francis Will Resign in 2016 Following Argentina Visit'... Says Vatican Insider


Pope has transformed the Roman Catholic Church into a monstrosity that has nothing to do with teachings of Jesus Christ! ~ Leo Lyon Zagami - Video

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W A R N I N G !!!... Flu Vaccinations For Folks 65 And Older... The Most Dangerous Vaccine Adjuvant Will Be Used!!!


The FDA has granted fast track approval for Swiss based Novartis’s flu shot that contains squalene as an adjuvant  to boost what they consider an immune response. ~ Paul Fassa - MUST READ Related Articles - Videos

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'Healthy People 2020'... Forced Adult Vaccinations?... Is This Big Pharma's Big $$$$$ Making Plan To Keep You Sick Until Dead???

Forced Vaccination police

In collaboration with Big Business and special interests, the Obama administration's Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is plotting a new program to track Americans' vaccination records, wage a massive propaganda campaign to "encourage" more inoculations, and foist more controversial vaccines on adults against their will. ~ Alex Newman - Related articles

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The Second Amendment Is One Supreme Court Justice From Repeal And Becoming Nothing More Than A Historical Artifact


In August, my colleague Charlie Cooke wrote an epic rant daring the Left to stop talking about repealing the Second Amendment and start doing it. Introduce the repeal to Congress, work it through the states, and tell the American people what you want to do — take from them a fundamental, enumerated right from the
Bill of Rights. ~ David French - Related articles

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Are We Living In the End Times?... Dave Hodges and Doug Hagmann


Dave Hodges interviewed Doug Hagmann about the "end times" and the two explored the topic, are we really living in the end times? In other words, is man playing out the script of our eternal destiny? ~ Audio

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'The United States Government Has Become The World's Most Dangerous Terrorist Organization'... Paul Craig Roberts Warns


A former top member of the Ronald Reagan administration has issued a dire warning about the current state of American government: it's evil and will become even more evil in the years ahead as the world itself becomes more dangerous. ~ J.D. Heyes - Audio

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SHOCKING!... Nurse Giving Flu Shots Caught REUSING the SAME Syringe Nearly 70 Times on Different People!!!


Dozens of people are now being tested for HIV and hepatitis after a negligent nurse was caught reusing the same syringe to administer flu shots to patients!

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Obama's War on Cancer Patients... Breast Cancer Patient Arrested for Protesting 'Death Sentence Clause' in TPP


A clause in Barack Obama's Trans-Pacific Partnership, (TPP) would establish an even bigger monopoly for the pharmaceutical industry. The deal allows Big Pharma to block cancer patients from being able to access affordable drugs. Part of the US proposal extends de facto monopolies on biological medicines by up to eight years. ~ L.J. Devon - Video

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Did You Know Microsoft Windows 10 Is The World’s First Spyware Operating System?... By Design!


More than 14 million devices have downloaded Microsoft’s Windows 10 since it was released July 29, 2015. The technology has received glowing reviews by customers; nevertheless, many have called out Microsoft 10 for what it really is – an unprecedented spy system promulgated by Big Brother.

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H.R. 699 and S. 356... The 'Email Privacy Act' is Actually a Big Brother Orwellian Email Spy Bill!


The Fourth Amendment is under attack in an age of electronic surveillance and expanding government. The Email Privacy Act, H.R. 699, and its Senate companion bill S. 356, is marching toward bipartisan agreement in Congress. The legislation would give government agencies access to your email, text messages and documents without a warrant from storage systems like "the Cloud".

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USDA Wasted $6.2 Million of Taxpayer Money for Cars It Doesn’t Use


The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) spent $6.2 million on cars the agency does not need, according to a new audit by the Office of Inspector General (OIG). Due to poor monitoring of vehicle logs the USDA has thousands of cars that are underused. The audit also identified $1.2 million in questionable fuel purchases by employees. ~ Elizabeth Harrington

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Unaffordable Housing?... Gouging the Working Class Americans


A recent report by Harvard University’s Joint Center for Housing Studies showed an absolutely dismal housing situation for Americans.  Housing is unaffordable for most working class Americans

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Exposed... Obama Is Planning a Gun Control Executive Order By-Passing Congress That Will OUTRAGE Many Americans


President Barack Obama plans to approve several executive orders to initiate gun control measures that Congress is unlikely to pass. ~ Melody Dareing - Videos

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You Can't Afford to Get Sick!... It's Now More Expensive to Treat an Infection Than to Buy a House!


In 2008 when he was first running for president, then-Senator Barack Obama of Illinois said he wanted to tackle the high cost of health care in the United States. ~ JD Heyes

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Medicated to Death?... Older People Given as Many as 30 Drugs!


Seniors represent only 13% of the population, but they take over 40% of pharmaceutical drugs in the US. In the UK, 45% of prescriptions are doled out to individuals over the age of 65 years. The practice of poly-pharmacy has never been more acute than it is in the modern era. So why are we drugging the elderly so profoundly? ~ Christina Sarich - Related article

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Maine Supreme Court Rules... Children Can be Vaccinated by the State Against Will of Parents


Four out of five Supreme Court justices in the State of Maine think that parental rights concerning vaccination are moot in the event that the
State takes custody of a child. ~ Ethan A Huff

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QUIT FACEBOOK!... Mark Zuckerberg Admits Controlling Everything You See!


Stop using Facebook and their controlling social manipulation! Facebook isolates everyone into groups that are allowed to interact with each other because they already share similar views. If you do not share similar views with another person, your posts will not show up in their feed and theirs will never show in yours. You will never wake up if you never see reality. All you see on Facebook is the reality Zuckerberg wants you to see. ~ Lestado Codicus - Video

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Is Hillary Clinton Vaccine Damaged?... New Book Reveals Severe Brain Damage Symptoms


A new book astonishingly claims that Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is suffering from a plethora of health issues, leading some to believe that perhaps she is unfit to lead the country. ~ Mike Adams

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STATINS RED ALERT... Are You Taking Cholesterol Lowering Drugs?... If Your Answer Is Yes, This Is A MUST READ Article!


The statin drugs prescribed to over 100 million people around the world have now been exposed as cellular poisons that accelerate aging and promote muscle fatigue, diabetes, memory loss and more. ~ Mike Adams - Related articles - Video

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Warning!... U.S. Hospitals Being Used by FEMA and DHS to Monitor and Arrest Patients Wanted by Government!


Has the Department of Homeland Security's "See Something, Say Something" initiative, which started following the 9/11 attacks, created a nation of spies? Yes, say a growing number of Americans and others who have been caught up in it.
~ J.D. Heyes

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