Surviving the Jade Helm Era Depends On You Taking Your Money Out of the Bank

get your money out of bank

Now that you that you know, or should know, that your bank account is no longer owned by you, a prudent man would also realize that your retirement, 401k, your home and even your freedom is at risk. ~ Dave Hodges

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Children Remembering Past Lives... Proof of Reincarnation

reincarnation past lives

The most compelling reincarnation cases are those in which small children spontaneously remember past lives that can be facutally verified. Ian Stevenson, MD, of the Unversity of Virginia, compiled over 1200 of these objectively validated cases, which in aggregate provide proof of reincarnation.
~ Walter Simkiw MD - Audio

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Are You Experiencing Strange Symptoms?... You Could Be A Target Of Government Gang Stalking And Electronic Warfare!

Gang Stalking And Electronic Warfare

Do you consider yourself "awakened?" Do you question the official government narrative? Do you belong to social media groups that monitor and discuss unusual government activities? Do you visit websites that publish content that doesn't conform the official narrative? ~ Susan Duclos
- Videos - Hagmann & Hagmann Audio

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CIA Agent... Gov’t. Covering Up Effects of Radiation

Jay Mullen

CIA Agent... "Gov’t covering up effects of radiation; I hope public becomes more aware of threat to their health!" Actual radiation risks are “orders of magnitude greater” than official estimates; “Completely changes the picture… a serious public health hazard”. ~ Video

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RED ALERT!... West Coast Birds Nearing Extinction!... ZERO BABIES!

pair of california brown pelicans

“Birds in such bad condition” off West Coast — Zero babies survive on islands, usually over 15,000 — “Extremely poor” breeding success… they didn’t even try... Senior Scientist ~ Videos

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Research Continues to Support the Theory... ‘Water Has Memory’


Amazing discoveries about the properties of water could revolutionize our world! Filmmaker and mystic ecologist David Sereda discussed some of the amazing properties of water– it may actually have memory and consciousness, he said. Human beings are mostly made up of water and he suggested that restructured water could have healing properties on their bodies. ~ Videos - Audio

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Nine Reasons for the Push of Mandatory Universal Vaccinations

globalism mandatory vaccinations

“Once you really understand the truth behind the lies in a given arena, then you can finally back up far enough and see the actual reasons for the lies. You can see the secret program the lies are protecting. You can see why the program is being pushed. You can see what most people would rather not see.” ~ Jon Rappoport

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MANDATORY Vaccinations Are Coming... For EVERYONE!

mandatory vaccinations for everyone

Not to be so doom and gloom, but there is clearly a definite orchestrated push to ensure that vaccinations will be mandatory for everyone in America in our near future. Not just healthcare workers... Not just schoolchildren... Everyone will be expected to get their shots, like it or not. ~ Melissa Dykes - Must see Video

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ALERT!... Homeopathic Remedies In Danger From FDA!!!... Share This Info Everywhere!


If you’d like OTC homeopathic remedies to stay as an option for those who decide to take part in them, I suggest you submit your own comments to the FDA before the deadline of June 22.

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The America My Grandchildren Will Never Know...

1950's family saying grace

There is a natural tendency as one gets older to become nostalgic about the past. In reality, things were usually not as bad or as good as we imagine them. Even with that understanding I maintain that America is only a shadow of its former self and my grandchildren will live and die without knowing the nation that once was. ~ Dr. Don Boys

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Aldous Huxley’s Wife Laura Reveals In A Letter She Injected Him With LSD On His Deathbed

Aldous Huxley-smoking

On the same day President Kennedy was assassinated, the world lost a second giant in time. Aldous Huxley, the author of Brave New World and other stunning works of literature died after a 3-year battle with cancer. It was 1963, and on his deathbed Huxley asked to be injected with multiple doses of uncut LSD.
~ Tyler Fyfe - Video & Bonus!... Brave New World

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New World Order Bible Versions

New World Order Bible Versions2

Like it or not we are being 'prepared' for a one world religion... but what religion would it be? All Bibles are clearly not equal. Men have rewritten the Bible over the centuries removing the true meaning and teachings of the origional manuscript. Verses have been altered, entire chapters removed from the 1769 version of the King James Bible. Learn why... ~ Documentary

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Dire Warning From Lindsey Williams... Global Currency Reset

Lindsey Williams

The world is preparing for a global currency reset. Within the next 3 months time, the world bank, IMF, in conjunction with the world elite, will be revaluing the currencies of 204 nations. There will be no announcement, you will wake up one day and it will be on every news station.
~ Josey Wales - Audio - Video

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Be Afraid... Be Very Afraid!... End Of The 22nd Amendment... Obama Declares Himself PRESIDENT FOR LIFE!!!

obama-the american dictator

I couldn't believe it at first, either. How could any sitting president hope to sidestep the 22th Amendment placing term limits on the office of the presidency? Adopted on February 27th, 1951, this Amendment says...

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Leaked Text of TPP Healthcare Annex... 10 Reasons Why You Need to Oppose TPP and TTIP

united nations-tpp-document-big pharma

WikiLeaks released another chapter of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), the still-secret mega-treaty between the United States and 11 other Pacific Rim nations, on Wednesday, two days before a planned vote in the House of Representatives to give President Obama Trade Promotion Authority (TPA, also known as Fast Track). ~ William F Jasper

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UN 'Death Targets' Will Mean Reduced Healthcare for Elderly

obamacare-euthanizing the elderly

Elderly people in the United Kingdom and potentially worldwide are likely to be treated as "second-class citizens" and even denied life-saving medical treatment under proposed "highly unethical" United Nations "death targets," healthcare and aging experts declared in an open letter last week. ~ Alex Newman

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By 2016 West Coast of North America Will Be Slammed With 80% As Much Fukushima Radiation As Japan

fukushima-dead sea life-Painting by Jonathan Raddatz

A professor from Japan’s Fukushima University Institute of Environmental Radioactivity (Michio Aoyama) told Kyodo in April that the West Coast of North America will be hit with around 800 terabecquerels of Cesium- 137 by 2016.
~ Videos

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ALERT!... Radiation From Fukushima Is Killing North Americans!


If you live on the west coast of Canada or the United States, already screwed at this point thanks to the Japanese earthquake and tsunami of 2011.
~ Jeromie Williams - Must see 10 Years after Fukushima Video

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Using A Gun In Your Home May Have Been Banned By The Supreme Court... Very Few Gun Owners Even Noticed!

Supreme Court

Local governments now have the right to tell you how to store your guns thanks to the inaction of the US Supreme Court. ~ Daniel Jennings

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Hacker Alert!... Medical Pumps Can be Hacked to Administer Fatal Doses of Drugs!

hackable drug pumps manufactured by Hospira

A new hacking threat has the medical community alarmed as a security researcher says he's discovered a way for hackers to change the dosage of medications delivered by a patient's drug pump.

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Which Company Owns The Elected Officials In Your State?

who owns your state

It’s no secret that the “of the people, by the people and for the people” government our founding fathers created has become “of the corporations, by the lobbyists and for the profit margins.” ~ Charles Topher - Map

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Are You Tired Of Bruce Jenner Yet?

Bruce 'Caitlyn' Jenner

Everyone's talking about it. There doesn't appear to be anywhere one can go to escape hearing about the weird world of Bruce Jenner. ~ Brent

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Rip Off Alert!... Some US Hospitals' Mark Up Exceeds 1,000 Percent!!!

Rip Off Alert

Some 50 hospitals in the United States charge the uninsured and out-of-network patients 10 times what's allowed by Medicare, reports a new public health study.
~ Paul Heltzel

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Public School LGBT Programs Not Only Trample Parental Rights But Puts Kids at Risk

Parental Rights VS The Collective

No matter what well-intentioned teachers and administrators believe, LGBT acceptance programs designed by GLSEN and funded by the CDC are designed to encourage kids to question their gender identity and sexual orientation.
~ Walt Heyer

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Public Schools Called 'Gigantic Criminal Enterprise'


It’s no accident that America’s education system is struggling, according to international journalist and educator Alex Newman, who believes American children are being intentionally dumbed down so they can be more easily controlled.

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