Government Shutdown? 36 Facts Which Prove That Nearly Everything Is Still Operating... What Government Shutdown?


All of this whining and crying about a "government shutdown" is a total joke. You see, there really is very little reason why this "government shutdown" cannot continue indefinitely because almost everything is still running! 63 percent of all federal workers are still working, and 85 percent of all government activities are still being funded during this "shutdown"!  ~ Michael Snyder

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Of The 10 U.S. FEMA Regions, Why Is Only FEMA Region 3 Targeted?


In the video below Pamela Haley wonders why the focus is only on FEMA Region 3... After a quick look at the preparations already known about, including the military vehicles being utilized by police across the country, FEMA camps, the so-called coffins and more, she reveals her throughts and theory as to “Why FEMA Reion 3- Why Not other FEMA Regions?” ~ Susan Doclos - Video

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ALERT... Is 'Something' HUGE Going On In FEMA Region 3?... The Clues Are All Here In This Video!


This brand new compilation video report just submitted to YouTube by videographer Audimane420 shares the truth about what has been unfolding in FEMA Region 3. From Michael Savage’s announcement of Russian soldiers preparing to provide security in America for ‘mass events’ to other MSM and alternative media news reports, something huge is going on in FEMA Region 3... the clues are all here in this Video.

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HOAX ALERT... D.C. Shooting Exposed


ATTENTION: The D.C. Shooting Hoax is an exerpt from the “Terrorgate Scandal” which will force President Obama to resign pending Congressional charges of conspiracy and treason. ~ David Chase Taylor

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NASA To Make Historic Announcement November 13th... Same Day as Power Grid Blackout Drill!


A website,, states... “NASA has made a historic discovery that will shake the entire planet. This announcement will be released to the media on November 13th, 2013. It will be a day to remember and one for the history books.” ~ Mort Amsel - Video

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Alert... 37 States Prepare For Massive Earthquake Drill Oct. 17, 2013


At 10:17 a.m. on October 17th, millions of people in 37 states, the District of Columbia and portions of several countries are expected to ‘Drop, Cover and Hold On’ as they participate in the Great U.S. ShakeOut Earthquake Drill. ~ Video 

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FEMA Region 3... New Information From Sen. Sheldon R. Songstad


RevMichelleHopkins, who first brought the original FEMA Region 3 alert to the attention of the public by publishing an email from former Senator Sheldon R. Songstad, just published another video about Songstad's interview on TruNews. Songstad finally talks about the preparations, that once known, became viral across the Internet. ~ Susan Duclos - Audio

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What's Going On In Puerto Rico?... Body Bags? FEMA Coffins? Meteor And Tsunami???


Reports are starting to filter, person to person, about preparartions that are being made in Puerto Rico, much like they are being made in the United States, for some type of massive disaster. ~ Susan Duclos - Audio

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WARNING!... Radium (226RA) Found in Pennsylvania Watershed 300 Times Over Normal Levels!


Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania — The disposal of toxic chemical byproducts used in U.S. oil and gas production (i.e. fracking) has led to the poisoning of our watersheds and water supplies in some areas of the country. In fact, in some instances the gaseous chemical byproducts have been so heavy they have made their way into homes. ~ Shepard Ambellas

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A BRAVE NEW WORLD... Alex Huxley


This movie is all about what the elite desires and are working to achieve on Earth. It is about how there are different classes of people, elite, working sex slaves, sheep, until it gets down to slaves that go into nuclear tunnels.
~ Documentary - Bonus Video

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Manually Changing the World... Turn Your TV Off!


It's been called the greatest mind control device known to humanity, and amazingly it's the one addiction that when truly broken can most change your life forever. Yes, that's how bad this problem of mind control has become.
~ Bernie Suarez

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The All Seeing Eye On Top Of Your Television


Disguised as a video game add-on, Microsoft’s Kinect is the all seeing eye that sits on top of your TV watching your every move, listening to every conversation and even monitoring vital health information! ~ Thomas Dishaw

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Bill Clinton Says... 'Americans Will Get Used to Communism'


Former president Bill Clinton is running interference for President Obama and laying the groundwork for Hillary’s 2016 presidential bid. Here’s what he said about the future of the response of Americans to ObamaCare...

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ALERT... Gun Owners Beware Of The Reid Interrogation Technique


If you’ve ever been involved in a traffic accident with another driver, you know that responding police have one primary task: to assign blame. One way or another, either you or the other driver is going to get nailed for the accident. Shooting investigations are similar. Once police show up, their task is to find someone who is most likely to be guilty of a crime and gather evidence to prove it.

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The Truth About the Government Shutdown


The facts about the US Federal Government “shutdown” – and what is to come in the imminent debt ceiling crisis! ~ Video

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OBAMA's Message to the Military on Government Shutdown


Barack Obama has sent a message to the United States military personnel on October 1st as shared in this video from theoldmarine1. Noticeably, Obama lays the blame for this shutdown squarely at the feet of the Republicans in Congress. Does his message hold unspoken meaning and hidden messages? ~ Video

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Total Loss of US Sovereignty Only 90 Days Away!


As America races toward her date with destiny, there is yet another “fundamentally transforming” event coming her way and that event is known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). ~ Dave Hodges

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10 Ways The US Government Shutdown Will Affect You Today


The stroke of midnight has just passed and the US government has turned into a pumpkin.  Well, we wish.  In fact the US government like some eternal zombie continues to walk the Earth even without the souls of taxpayers upon which to feast. ~ Jeff Berwick - Video 

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Obamacare 101... If You Opt Out of Buying Health Insurance...


The Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, requires that individuals buy health insurance. If you don't want to buy insurance, you will have to pay a penalty – unless you qualify for an exemption from the mandate.
~ Katherine Jacobsen

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Are You Ready for ObamaCare Home Visits?... Who Will Get Visited?


This time the left can’t say, “That’s not in the bill!” It’s in the bill... Health and Human Services is making grants to states and agencies who are willing to perform “evidence-based home visits” connected to ObamaCare. What is the purpose of these visits? The grant guidelines don’t exactly say, but they do spell out in detail who might receive them... ~ Dan Calabrese

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SCAM!... US 'Government Shutdown is a Sham and a Charade to Jerk Us Around'!... Again! ~ Jim Rogers


It's been 17 years since the last time the US government partially ceased its work - but it's actually the 18th time in US history it's taking a so called 'spending gap'. In 1977, the government was shut down three times in as many months.
~ Videos - Related article

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FEMA Region III... Increasing Military Activity... Possibly for Domestic Use!


FEMA REGION III (DC, DE, MD, PA, VA, WV) — Major U.S. military equipment movements have been documented over the last week. However, surprisingly enough, it appears the build-up could potentially be for use in domestic martial law rather than the looming conflict in Syria. ~ Shepard Ambellas

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Exposed... Massive Secret Chemtrail Budget!


There has been a massive smoke and mirrors display in Washington lately as Democrats and Republicans battle it out to avoid a government shutdown on October 1st. This is all mere window dressing to divert the good people of America's attention away from what is really taking place in the world around them. ~ Shepard Ambellas

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Agenda 21... United Nations Will Own and Control EVERYTHING... You, Your Children, Your Property, Food, Water... EVERYTHING!



The true objectives of Agenda 21, revealed, include an end to national sovereignty; restructure of the family unit which means basically the state will take care of your children, with a keen eye toward indoctrinating them into state control over family allegiance; abolition of private property with citizens crammed into "stack and pack", hi-rise apartment buildings, close to railroad tracks while cars will not be allowed. ~ Lucille Femine - Video

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'Fairness Amendment'... House Republicans To Demand Two-Year Delay On ObamaCare


In response to President Barack Obama's demands that the House pass a continuing resolution that funds the Affordable Care Act, House Republicans fired back, demanding a delay for all of Obamacare until 2015. ~ Mathew Boyle

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