The Sad Truth... Why The Majority Of People May Not Wake Up!


This concept concentrates on the numerous ways in which TPTB in the United States have been methodically dumbing down Americans as a population for a incredibly long time – all by pain-stakenly computed pattern. ~ Jay Will - Videos

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Fed Can Garnish Up to 15% of 700,000 U.S. Seniors' Social Security Checks to Repay $18 Billion in Student Loan Debt Owed


Hundreds of thousands of seniors are having their already-small Social Security checks reduced because they owe money on student loans. ~ Noel Brinkerhoff

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Lindsey Williams... New World Order Will Be Announced On Sept 25th


Pastor Lindsey Williams has asked me to compile an emergency bulletin for those on his email list. The information is so important he has said... “This is probably the most important bulletin we have ever sent – This is the fulfilment of everything the Elite have ever wanted to do – It will affect every human being, worldwide..." ~ Amy S - Audio - Video

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The World Will Change Forever In 35 Days...


What will the Pope tell the world when he addresses the United Nations next month? In 35 days, the world will be changed forever. In 55 days, it will be too late to do anything about it. By now most of you have heard the rumors, but they may be much more than rumors. ~ Dave Hodges

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Will Your Church Be Turned Into a FEMA Camp?


We are entering a dangerous period of time for Christians, one in which we will see the metaphorical feeding of the Christians to the Lions.
~ Dave Hodges - Videos

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A Vaccine for Everything!... CDC Creating 271 NEW Vaccinations!


In a recent article published by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., titled Children at Risk – Vaccines, Government & Big Pharma's Dirty Money, [1] he highlighted the fact that every vaccine introduced to the vaccine schedule guarantees its manufacturer millions of customers, increasing vaccine revenue by billions of dollars.
~ Christina England

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Opting Out Of Vaccinations For You And Your Child


The truth about vaccines has become so available that it is hard to imagine how people could not see that vaccines are causing autism in children. In recent videos, Dr. Simon Atkins and Dr. Leonard Horowitz suggest that the best thing to do is NOT to vaccinate. ~ Michelle Walling, CHLC
- Audio - Videos - NEW Opt-Out Form - Related Articles

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Soaked In Bleach... Who Killed Kurt Cobain?

Soaked In Bleach - Who Killed Kurt Cobain

Nirvana fans worldwide were devastated, when on April 8th, 1994, Kurt Cobain was found dead. Adding to the distress, it was revealed he took his own life, dying from a self-inflicted shotgun wound. Over 20 years later, a new documentary, Soaked in Bleach, examines the possibility that Cobain’s shocking death wasn’t due to a suicide, but a homicide. ~ Documentary

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Strawman - The Nature of the Cage

Strawman - The Nature of the Cage

Strawman - The Nature of the Cage is a cutting edge documentary like no other. It highlights the truth around debt, the Legal Fiction, Lawful and Legal, Debt Collectors, Bailiffs, and modern day Policing. The film gives a detailed overview as to how you can address these issues in your personal life, offering knowledge on how to lawfully deal with any kind of authority, if you haven't broken any Laws. ~ Documentary

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Death with Dignity?... Would the Disabled and Elderly Eventually be Targeted for 'Voluntary Euthanasia' by Assisted Suicide?


The so-called "death with dignity" movement faces mounting challenges from a growing segment of society that sees it as a slippery slope towards "voluntary euthanasia." ~ Ethan A Huff - Videos

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Beyond Shocking!... A Real Eye Opener for Cocaine Users


Quite the disturbing photo is circulating the web, and it’s enough to make even the most avid user swear off drugs for good. Showing the long-term effects of cocaine use, the picture is more than enough to prove why you
should never take the drug – ever. ~ Robert Rich

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Lyme Disease Epidemic... Genetically Engineered Ticks, CDC Created at Plum Island


"...we are dealing here with a formidable 'smart stealth' type of bacteria that is hard to eradicate — one that does extreme damage to psyche and soma if not treated aggressively over the long term when missed in the first days following inoculation by the vector...” Dr. Virginia Scherr ~ Jerry Leonard - Free E-Book

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Cancer Industry Will Never Allow a Cancer Cure!... Profits 'Locked In', Cancer Causing 'Nagalase' is Injected via Vaccines!


One of the world's most lucrative industries, spending on cancer drugs reached an all-time high last year valued at more than $100 billion. Spending on cancer drugs increased 6.5 percent annually over the past five years and is expected to continue growing at a rate of 8 percent each year through 2018, figures provided by the IMS Institute for Healthcare Informatics. ~ Julie Wilson

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GcMAF Therapy... What It Is And What It Can Do


The history of the suppression of medical science in America is a long one, filled with true accounts of pioneering doctors and clinicians being threatened, intimidated and even assassinated in order to bury emerging cures and keep the "sick care" industry in control. ~ Mike Adams - Videos

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Planned Parenthood... Serving Mankind From Dust To Dessert


Many baby boomers will recall the classic 1962 Twilight Zone episode
To Serve Man
, about a seemingly benevolent alien race of giants coming
to earth to solve the ills of mankind. ~ Doug Hagmann - Video

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The Fix Is In... Judge Who Blocked Planned Parenthood Videos RAISED $230,000 For OBAMA!!!


Well damn it looks like the fix is in. The good people at the Federalist found out the judge who blocked footage from being released in the fourth Planned Parenthood video is not only an Obama appointee, he raised a whole lot of
money for Obama's campaign!

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Landmark!... UN Resolution Urges States to 'Monitor and Regulate Private Education Providers'!


(Geneva, 2 July 2015) Eight international civil society organisations today welcomed a landmark resolution of the United Nations Human Rights Council (HRC) urging States to regulate and monitor private education providers and recognising the potential “wide-ranging impact of the commercialization of education on the enjoyment of the right to education”. ~ Charlotte Iserbyt

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John B. Wells... Caravan to Midnight #338... Hijacking Education... Guests Patrick Huff, Charlotte Iserbyt, Michael Snyder

John B Wells-CTM

Episode 338 – In this edition of CTM on July 27th, we welcome author and school administrator Dr. Patrick Huff on board accompanied by the former policy adviser for the U.S. Dept. of Education, Charlotte Iserbyt, for brand new insight into the battle for the education system, followed later by a visit from the publisher of the
Economic Collapse Blog, Michael Snyder. ~ Audio

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TRUMP THIS... Jerome Corsi, 'Trump is the Real Deal'!... Hillary, Obama and Benghazi Fall Guy... October Stock Market Crash?


Polls indicated that Ron Paul was the only Republican Candidate that could have beaten Obama in the 2012 general election, yet the Republican party DELIBERATELY, and successfully, sabotaged his campaign, though he was winning the primary. This means the Republican party DELIBERATELY lost the 2012 presidential election... Why? ~ Bart Sibrel - Shocking Video

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Jim Marrs Discusses Newest Book 'Population Control', Agenda 21, Monsanto, Jade Helm, and More as Host on Alex Jones


Researcher, journalist and author Jim Marrs sits in for Alex during the last hour with Lee Ann McAdoo July 24th. Jim discusses many topics and takes calls. He also breaks down his latest book 'Population Control' and the truth corporate owners don't want you to discover. ~ Don't miss this information packed show! ~ Video

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Government Documents Authorize Domestic Slave Camps... Roundups Of All Opposition


"Don't fool yourself into believing that the Supreme Court will never again allow a wartime violation of civil rights like it did in allowing internment camps for Japanese-Americans during World War II", those are the powerful words of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia in his address to law students at the University of Hawaii. ~ Lisa Haven

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What's Happening?... Homeless People Being Hauled Away In White Vans, Never Seen Again!... Taken To FEMA Camps?... Exterminated?


ANP received a reader email about white vans taking homeless people away in Oklahoma, never to be seen again, with the reader asking if this was happening in any other communities? Sadly, after researching this, the answer is yes and it is an alarming trend indicating that the homeless that are disappearing may just be the beginning of a systematic purge as part of the depopulation agenda.
~ Susan Dulcos - Photos - Videos

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National Geographic is the Propaganda Mouthpiece for Monsanto!


Never in a million years would people think Bill Nye "the Science Guy" who once questioned genetically modified foods and urged against them would declare his love for altering genes. ~ Jennifer Lilley

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Legal Organized Crime... Government Theft of YOUR Property... 'Prosecutor Lives in Seized House Rent-Free for Years'!


They are a force to be reckoned with, bringing tanks, guns and the authority of shiny government badges – and they want what’s yours. Civil asset forfeiture, theoretically designed to fight the drug war, has created a loophole in law enforcement that has blown open a doorway to systematic government theft –
all legalized through policy. ~ Mac Slavo - Video

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GWEN Towers... What Are They Really For?


In the realm of government conspiracies discussed on the Internet, it doesn’t take long to hear about GWEN towers. The topic comes up again and again in forums regarding government mind control programs. Here’s a complete explanation of how this would work. ~ Melissa and Aaron Dykes - Videos

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