Be Afraid... Be Very Afraid!... End Of The 22nd Amendment... Obama Declares Himself PRESIDENT FOR LIFE!!!

obama-the american dictator

I couldn't believe it at first, either. How could any sitting president hope to sidestep the 22th Amendment placing term limits on the office of the presidency? Adopted on February 27th, 1951, this Amendment says...

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Leaked Text of TPP Healthcare Annex... 10 Reasons Why You Need to Oppose TPP and TTIP

united nations-tpp-document-big pharma

WikiLeaks released another chapter of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), the still-secret mega-treaty between the United States and 11 other Pacific Rim nations, on Wednesday, two days before a planned vote in the House of Representatives to give President Obama Trade Promotion Authority (TPA, also known as Fast Track). ~ William F Jasper

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UN 'Death Targets' Will Mean Reduced Healthcare for Elderly

obamacare-euthanizing the elderly

Elderly people in the United Kingdom and potentially worldwide are likely to be treated as "second-class citizens" and even denied life-saving medical treatment under proposed "highly unethical" United Nations "death targets," healthcare and aging experts declared in an open letter last week. ~ Alex Newman

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By 2016 West Coast of North America Will Be Slammed With 80% As Much Fukushima Radiation As Japan

fukushima-dead sea life-Painting by Jonathan Raddatz

A professor from Japan’s Fukushima University Institute of Environmental Radioactivity (Michio Aoyama) told Kyodo in April that the West Coast of North America will be hit with around 800 terabecquerels of Cesium- 137 by 2016.
~ Videos

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ALERT!... Radiation From Fukushima Is Killing North Americans!


If you live on the west coast of Canada or the United States, already screwed at this point thanks to the Japanese earthquake and tsunami of 2011.
~ Jeromie Williams - Must see 10 Years after Fukushima Video

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Using A Gun In Your Home May Have Been Banned By The Supreme Court... Very Few Gun Owners Even Noticed!

Supreme Court

Local governments now have the right to tell you how to store your guns thanks to the inaction of the US Supreme Court. ~ Daniel Jennings

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Hacker Alert!... Medical Pumps Can be Hacked to Administer Fatal Doses of Drugs!

hackable drug pumps manufactured by Hospira

A new hacking threat has the medical community alarmed as a security researcher says he's discovered a way for hackers to change the dosage of medications delivered by a patient's drug pump.

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Which Company Owns The Elected Officials In Your State?

who owns your state

It’s no secret that the “of the people, by the people and for the people” government our founding fathers created has become “of the corporations, by the lobbyists and for the profit margins.” ~ Charles Topher - Map

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Are You Tired Of Bruce Jenner Yet?

Bruce 'Caitlyn' Jenner

Everyone's talking about it. There doesn't appear to be anywhere one can go to escape hearing about the weird world of Bruce Jenner. ~ Brent

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Rip Off Alert!... Some US Hospitals' Mark Up Exceeds 1,000 Percent!!!

Rip Off Alert

Some 50 hospitals in the United States charge the uninsured and out-of-network patients 10 times what's allowed by Medicare, reports a new public health study.
~ Paul Heltzel

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Public School LGBT Programs Not Only Trample Parental Rights But Puts Kids at Risk

Parental Rights VS The Collective

No matter what well-intentioned teachers and administrators believe, LGBT acceptance programs designed by GLSEN and funded by the CDC are designed to encourage kids to question their gender identity and sexual orientation.
~ Walt Heyer

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Public Schools Called 'Gigantic Criminal Enterprise'


It’s no accident that America’s education system is struggling, according to international journalist and educator Alex Newman, who believes American children are being intentionally dumbed down so they can be more easily controlled.

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The Disgusting Things Mindless People Are Doing To Cats In America


What would you do if you discovered that someone had sealed four kittens in a cardboard box with duct tape and tossed them in a dumpster?  What would you do if you personally witnessed someone toss a cat out of a vehicle that was moving down the road at high speed? ~ Michael Snyder - Video Link 

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The Great American Egg Shortage... Over 45 MILLION Chickens And Turkeys Killed Because of 'Bird Flu'


Did you know that 25 percent of all egg production in the United States has already been taken offline due to the bird flu crisis?  You aren’t hearing much about this in the mainstream media, but at this point bird flu has claimed the lives of 45 million chickens and turkeys in America. ~ Michael Snyder 

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"We’re Spying On You"... Smart Meter Companies Admit

smart meter-spying-appliances

Smart meters are spying devices. Not breaking news? Likely not for those of us who have researched the issue for quite a long while, but an admission by those who make the devices is rather shocking. ~ Tara Dodrill - Videos

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Finally Air Force Admits They Can Control Weather – HAARP


Many believe HAARP was created and has been used for weather control, with enough juice to trigger hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes and comments such as this bring about the question of whether conspiracy theorists are more on target than anyone has admitted to date. ~ Video

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The REAL Hunger Games... Dave Hodges Explains Agenda 21

agenda 21-dictatorship

Dave Hodges and Roger North exposes and explains United Nations Agenda 21 brilliantly! The movie is based on "The Hunger Games" books and are actually about the globalists plans for OUR future, Agenda 21. Hunger Games is a lightly fictionalized version of the world elites are trying to force upon us.
~ Extremely Important Audio

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The Gambinos... First Family of Crime

The Gambino Crime Family

The Gambino crime family is one of the "Five Families" that dominates organized crime activities in New York City, United States, within the nationwide criminal phenomenon known as the Mafia (or Cosa Nostra). The group is named after Carlo Gambino, family boss at the time of the McClellan hearings in 1963 when the structure of organized crime first gained public attention. ~ Documentary

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Every Pipeline Spill In The U.S. For The Past 28 Years


The media tends to completely fail when it comes to reporting on pipeline ruptures. The tendency in the media is to report on pipeline ruptures as single incidents, when in reality they are a part of a larger problem of energy transportation companies’ crumbling infrastructure. ~ Joe Fletcher - Videos

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The Last Place You Want To Be In A Dollar Collapse

police state-dollar collapse-riots

Ironically, the places that benefited the most from the debt-and-death paradigm are likely to see the quickest outbreak of chaos when dollar collapse begins in earnest.  The concentrated aggression,  hyper-competitive atmosphere, and wealth disparity of the typical city should be avoided if possible. ~ Video 

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It's Official... Americans Really R Stupid


As Americans, we tend to be pretty full of ourselves, and this is especially true of our young people. Do we really have reason for such pride?  According to a shocking new report from the Educational Testing Service, Americans between the ages of 20 and 34 are way behind young adults in other industrialized nations when it comes to literacy, mathematics and technological proficiency. 

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The 'Drink' That Damages Your Brain, Heart, and Stomach

normal brain-alcohol brain

Like it or not, alcohol is a poison!  A doctor or nurse rubs alcohol on the body prior to an injection to kill any pathogenic micro-organisms which might be lingering on the skin.  It’s killing capacity is that effective and dependable.  Why then do people not understand that the over-consumption of alcohol can have highly destructive effects on their organs and tissues? ~ Robert Harrington

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Did You Know Metal Dental Work Acts Like An Antenna For Microwave Transmissions From Cell Phones And Cell Phone Towers?!?

Cell Phone-Radiation Releases Mercury-Dental Fillings

When considering the numerous reasons for the increasing prevalence of chronic illness in our society, we should not overlook the possibility that metal-containing dental work, especially titanium implants, could be acting like antennas for the microwave transmissions going on between our cell phones and all of the cell phone towers in our 21st century environment. ~ Lina Garcia DDS DMD

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The Toxic Tooth... Your Root Canal Could Be Making You Sick!

health-Root Canal

Root canal is a commonly performed procedure in most adults. But is it a wise one? Dr. Robert Kulacz, a dentist, has spent a significant portion of his professional career trying to answer this question. ~ Dr. Joseph Mercola - Video

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NSA Using Medical Data To Target Patients For Assassinations

NSA MEDINT-program

In yet another worrying sign that the U.S. National Security Agency has completely gone off the rails, a June 2010 PowerPoint slide, titled «Medical Pattern of Life: Targeting High Value Individual № 1», subtitled «SIGINT [signals intelligence] Enabling HUMINT [human intelligence]/Targeting», describes how NSA is using medical intelligence (MEDINT) to target medical patients. ~ Wayne Madsen

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